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Chicago Skates Chicago Men's Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate

4.4 out of 5 stars 2,043 ratings

Price: $54.82 $129.95 & Free Return on some sizes and colors
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About this item

  • A CLASSIC: This iconic Roller Rink Skate from Chicago is strategically designed for gliding and is also a popular choice for all-around rink and social skating for decades.
  • SUPPORT: The Chicago Rink Skate features a controlled high top for optimum safety as well as high quality laces for maximum protection, leaving your foot comfortable and secure.
  • STABILITY & CONTROL: The urethane wheels hold up well against the normal wear and tear of skating, provide traction and control, and the semi-precision bearings keep you rolling smooth and fast.
  • COMFORT FIT: The skate features a traditional high top profile leather lined boot to support your ankles and a simple eyelet/speed hook lacing system that allows you to adjust the fit as you go.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Complete with an aluminum base plate with adjustable truck provides easy turning and control as well as wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor skating.

Product Description

The Precision Rink Skate Will Guarantee The Best In Accuracy While You Rule The Rink. High Top Rink Pattern Features A Full Leather Lined Boot With Eyelets And Speed Hooks. Polished Aluminum Chassis With Jump Bar And Double Action Truck. 5/8" Adjustable Toe Stop. 60Mm Urethane Spoke Wheels With 608Z Semi-Precision Bearings.

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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5
2,043 global ratings

Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2019
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great price. Upgrade the bearings.
By Walle197871 on February 7, 2019
Love the skate for the price. Immediately upgraded the bearings to Bones Reds after reading reviews. Glad I did as the bearings it comes with aren't that good.

The leather lining makes all the difference. Very comfortable boot. Still breaking them in so wheels are a little slick on a wood floor.
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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2019
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Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2021
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3.0 out of 5 stars Beginner skates that need professional adjustment
By ShoppersDelight on July 1, 2021
As the description states these are leather lined boots. The outside I believe is vinyl and the inside has a leather lining. The boots do need to be broken in so they will not be comfortable to start with. I wear a size 9.5 and I ordered a size 9 according to the sizing chart. The boot does run a little big they fit me like a size 9.5 to a size 10 shoe. There is about 3/4 inch room at the toe.

I cannot find anywhere in the description that states the softness or hardness of the wheels. They seem to be softer than my long boards 78a wheels. So I would say these are probably 78a as well and are intended for outside use. I have used them indoors only and they are very grippy on the floor. I believe that's why a lot of people say you need to change the wheels. But if you're going to use these outdoors these are perfect wheels for beginners. The wheels measurements are 62mm by 34mm which is a good indication they are meant for outdoor use as well.

A few papers come with the roller skates. It states they have a 30 day limited warranty. Which is ridiculous because most in person stores have a 90 day return policy. And the company says if you have any issues in the 30 days to return them to the place of purchase. Which pretty much means the company has no warranty of their own. Along with the information that comes with the skates, it says that the roller skates need very little adjustment. I found this to not be true whatsoever. The toe stop was not adjusted at all, it was set to its highest position. So they had to be lowered quite a bit to make them functional. Side note (Toe stops are typically designed to be adjusted one time. Then replaced when they wear out, meaning there is no groove left on them). I also had to adjust the trucks, this is the part the wheels are attached to. One of the trucks was very loose which would have caused the plate to crack. I noticed at least one person in the reviews had a cracked plate. Most Adult roller skates are typically rated for 230 pounds anymore can cause the plate to crack. However if the truck is not adjusted properly on these skates it can cause the plate to crack also. Also if the jump plate is removed it can cause the plate to crack. The jump plate has nothing to do with jumping it is intended to keep pressure evenly distributed between the two trucks. Sense the plate and trucks are designed cheaper the jump plate needs to be installed. A paper actually comes with the skates stating that you are not to do any tricks with them including jumping. They are intended only for rolling. Which I find a little sad sense all skaters will need to jump at least once in awhile. The trucks were very difficult to adjust and had very little ability to be adjusted. The way the plate is designed in order to lower the cost of manufacturing it provides little adjusting ability. And makes it very difficult for them to actually be adjusted. A screw and a lock have to be adjusted at the same time in order to adjust them properly. If one or the other is not at the right position it can cause the plate to crack. The bushings on the trucks are strange. They're both the same shape and size. Usually one is coned shaped, but these ones are both large cylinders. I believe this is for the purpose of being able to adjust the inferior trucks. Otherwise they would not be able to be tightened properly. So if you do need to replace them make sure the bushings are replaced with the same kind.

The roller skates come with a universal skate tool. Sadly this tool does not come with everything needed to adjust the skates. You can remove the nut on the wheels, adjust the toe stop, and one of the nuts on the trucks. But in order to adjust the trucks properly you will need an additional wrench. I do not recommend using a flathead screwdriver on the trucks, this will no doubt strip them.

Overall my skates look brand new, but the trucks and the plates looked used. They were scratched up really bad. But the wheels were brand new never rolled on. So I think the plates and the trucks were just manufactured poorly.

I did replace the bearings with ceramic ones. If you're a beginner I would suggest using the bearings that come with the skates for a month or so. I also added toe guards on the front of the skates in order to protect them from scuff marks. If you intend on using these at the rink or indoors you will need to invest in some new wheels. They will run approximately $50.00 to $100. A good softness rating would be 92a, those are a good all around indoor wheel.

Would I recommend these roller skates.

I would recommend these to a beginner that has the ability to adjust them themselves, or take them to a shop to be adjusted. Also I would recommend them for someone who wants to skate outdoors, so they won't have to spend anymore money. Otherwise use the extra money you would spend for new wheels to buy some better skates. These are good beginner roller skates in theory. It's just sad the company does not have good quality control, and does not stand behind their product with a good warranty. I actually watched a video where someone was given a free pair to make a promotional video or tutorial video for these skates. And the company actually gave them two different sizes, and one of the skate plates were installed wrong so the skate turned on its own. So even when they're trying to promote their roller skates their quality control is very subpar.

I am considering returning these ones sense they are not 100% leather, and the trucks are ridiculously hard to adjust properly.
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Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2021
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wore these things to death and I'd do it again (Best for indoor use...)
By Emily R Christian on September 7, 2021
I use this product for skate park skating which I *do not* recommend. (It voids warranty I know...) First ones fell apart in 8 months (heel separated) but they're so inexpensive and my ankles can actually MOVE with the skate while still getting ankle support. I'm looking for a replacement now (anyone have recommendations that aren't moxie/boardwalks?), but I got a second pair in the meantime since I love them so much mostly due to how they move with me and aren't too rigid.

Grind blocks are custom added. (Toe caps too.)

I wish Chicago made this type ankle support & leather material but as outdoor skates.

TLDR: Great for indoor and first pair of outdoor skates, not great for more aggressive skating.
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Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2015
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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2021
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Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020
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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2020
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