Coming 2 America

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Akeem and Semmi are back! Set in the lush and royal country of Zamunda, newly-crowned King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) and his trusted confidante Semmi (Arsenio Hall) embark on an all-new hilarious adventure that has them traversing the globe from their great African nation to the borough of Queens, New York – where it all began.
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A customerReviewed in the United States on March 8, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Sequel To a Classic Comedy
Verified purchase
This is a very funny, entertaining, sometimes nostalgic, good spirited movie that brings us back to Zamunda and Queens, the two locations of one of the funniest of American comedies, with the original Coming to America really being a perfect comedy with absolutely no false notes. And like the original, it boasts an immensely talented cast of black artists, and is really a celebration of black talent in every area from comedy, drama, to music, and beyond.

Hoping for the day when people are no longer defined by trivial characteristics, as a so-called white audience member I have always been a great admirer of all aspects of African-American talent, which has only lagged behind recognition of white talent because of simple and ugly prejudice. There are too many extraordinary performances by black artists throughout the years not to join in on the celebration.

People complain about it being too PC or "woke", but why should it not pay attention to the important changes in culture which are all about equality. So much of black film making is about equality for good reason, because African-Americans have suffered from the ravages of inequality, and because equality is the way society will find peace and prosperity. Hatred and prejudice are poisonous to all who contact it, and art should be a force for good at every turn. (Thank you, Spike Lee) But its social awareness is never heavy-handed, and never obscure's the humor of the piece.

So in this vein, one of the great things about the original, as well as with the movie Black Panther, is that it casts black people in the roles of Kings and Queens, and Heads of State, which is the psychological antidote to the roles black people have been forced to play in this society from its inception. And even if the depictions of these kingdoms are apparent fantasies, they actually point back to a reality and a time when there were Black African Kingdoms, advance cultures that were overlooked by European historians.

It's wonderful to see the lifelong friends, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, friends in real life and in Zamunda, depicted here. Arsenio Hall is genuinely funny, subtle, and always kind, which comedy needs more of. Eddie Murphy generously gives the rest of the cast a chance to shine, which makes this entirely different from a vanity project, which he could've made it. He is the master of ceremonies of a talented cast in order to bring Zamunda back to life. And as a performer, he always finds the right note, whether comedically or dramatically. For those who may not have noticed, Eddie is back.

Lisa (Shari Headley), his captivating and funny girlfriend-wife from the original, is happily back, and once she has a few drinks with the hilarious, unbridled Leslie Jones, she is back to her feisty self, and rekindles her relationship with Akeem.

James Earl Jones returns with his inimitable presence for too short a time, but enough time to give his weight to the entire affair. Missing is the wonderful, and beautiful Madge Sinclair who played Queen Aoleon in the original with grace, nobility and a truly queenly presence.

John Amos, who I never thought was given enough credit for why the original is so funny, as the perfect comic foil, both a heavy and a hero, only has a few short scenes, but he has one pivotal scene in the Zamunda McDowell's, where he is still pointing out the inconsequential differences between his burgers and drinks and McDonald's.

Jermaine Fowler, who has a great, light comedic touch, is a perfect choice for Prince Lavelle Johnson, because his goodheartedness, sweetness, and innocence remind us of Akeem. For both of these movies to work we need to like the characters, and we do. And this brings me to the clever device of Akeem unwittingly producing his son under the influence, which he only remembers as being attacked by a wild boar. In this way our memory of Akeem as a good and noble man is preserved.

Akeem's daughters are all well played, as is Prince Lavelle's personal groomer who becomes his wife, and it's a great touch to see the Royal Announcer back, with his beautiful singing voice, to affirm the continuity of Zamunda. And Tracy Morgan is funny as Lavelle's uncle, with his funniest scene being his television interview where he insults and tries to supplant Semi (Arsenio) as spokesman for the kingdom.

And finally it's great to see Wesley Snipes back, who, despite his troubles, remains an actor of prodigious talent and charisma, who manages to invest those qualities into a perfect, and wryly menacing comic villain.

In literature and art there is something called the odious comparison, wherein things of different nature are somehow forced into a comparison which obscures rather than reveals the merits of each work. Coming 2 America was made in a different era, and rightly reflects the new time. The point is that this movie is much better than its detractors say, and if you can see both movies in their own light you will appreciate our return to Zamunda.
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AshReviewed in the United States on March 8, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
You could watch something better
Verified purchase
I received a phone call from a family member warning me not to watch the movie. Sometimes you got to hit your head against the brick wall. Do I regret watching this movie, not really. Just because I don’t regret watching the movie, does not mean that the movie was great. This movie is nothing compared to the first “Coming to America”. That movie cracked me up and I am going to watch it again to wash the taste out of my mouth that this movie left behind.

I am annoyed that when I looked at the reviews people praised it and even some critics said it was great. I am starting to wonder if they got to see a director’s cut or what because we did not watch the same movie. There are way too many cameo roles in this movie. A few of the roles had me wondering if people were in need of a paycheck. I understand times are rough, but not all of them were needed. I am not going to go into a list as to who appeared, that little gem will be for you to discover if you dare. Trust me, it will have you shaking your head and wondering if they are behind on some bills.

In the original the barbershop scenes were funny. While it was nice to revisit that moment, I could not get over the fact that the men were still alive. They looked to be in their late sixties in the original movie. If this is thirty years later, how are they still alive. Let’s ignore the fact that they are still alive, how in world do they still look the same. There is no way that they did not age in any way. The fact that their clothing was the only thing that changed annoyed me.

The above things could be minor to you. Here is where things went straight downhill for me.

(Big Note: Spoiler, so skip this section if you want)

The new actors. The plus side was the daughters. I would have preferred if the story focused on his daughters instead of his son. The movie uses the notion that women cannot lead. A familiar notion and if you cannot think of a movie that takes away women’s power think of Jasmine from Aladdin, that being she cannot pick a husband because of old rules. I could think of other movies, but no point in doing that. The eldest daughter comes across as a strong female. I wanted to see her more, along with her sisters. Then there is the bastard son, as the movie loves to call him. He is the goofball that you want to shut up. When we are supposed to feel sorry for him, it is hard to feel sorry for him.

When he learns who his father is, he wants nothing to do with him. Drop some money and the tune changes. Even after seeing his father as king, he does not want to accept the new lifestyle. Nothing against him since the plot just rushes this notion. They throw some sexy female at him and he is all for the crown. He lacks maturity and then decides to say screw the rules. He does this because someone tells him the tale of the first movie. In no way does the original plot justify or scream for this boy to act the way he does. Pimp walking instead of a prince walking and doing other things that just have you shake your head. Like I get that you need to be yourself, but there is a time and place for everything. It is a lesson we all learn as kids and were reminded when we embarrassed our parents.

Don’t get me started on his mother or his uncle. Both of those characters annoyed me. The mother’s behavior was overexaggerated. The uncle is just around to raise hell and argue. He has no real point, so the uncle could have stayed at home. I am not here to attack the actor or actress, but their characters were so flat and useless that I hated seeing them on screen.

Outside of the son’s character, not going to blame his acting since you can only do the best with what you are given, the plot behind his birth is so dumb. Like they reached around in a pile of dung and pulled out this reason. It is clear that Eddie was drugged and was not consenting. Some people could argue a set dark factor, but that is not my point. I hate how everyone knew about this son, but him. When it is brought up, it is more of a laughing point. He is only told because he needs a son. It was clear he was not going to have any sons, so why wait so long. Thirty years in the making they could have come up with a better reason or give him a son another way.

(No more spoilers)

Eddie as a prince trying to discover himself was well done. Yes, he was goofy, but he was nothing like his son. The romance in the film, while predictable, would have been great if they used the same elements from the first movie. Even the party scene towards the end of the movie could have been better if they didn’t try to throw in a lot of laughs. It feels like they did a lot of trying in this movie. Nothing feels natural, just forced. Even Wesley’s children seem out of place. I looked at them and could only shake my head. Wesley’s actions are no better. I have seen Wesley act funny but this tied into that trying notion.

You could watch this just so you can say you saw both movies. Or maybe watch this just so see what not to do in a comedy movie. There are reasons you could come up with justifying why you decided to watch this. The best way to describe this movie is to say that it is a train wreck. There are other things you could watch and I would say watch it. In the end, do you really want this movie in your memory?
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Silver Screen VideosReviewed in the United States on March 22, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Worthy Successor to the Throne
Verified purchase
Eddie Murphy’s career has been a series of peaks and valleys over the years. Fortunately, he seems to have regained his mojo after his successful tribute to 70s filmmaking, “Dolemite Is My Name” and his Emmy-winning “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig. That winning streak continues with “Coming 2 America,” a long-time-in-the-making sequel to his most popular film, “Coming to America.” The sequel lacks the original’s pure joy and innocence but still has lots of entertaining moments.

In the 1988 original film, Murphy played Akeem, the Crown Prince of Zamunda, who went to Queens to find true love. In “Coming 2 America,” Akeem is still Crown Prince, with three daughters and a father (James Earl Jones), now on his deathbed. Under Zamundan law, women cannot inherit the throne, so Akeem worries it will pass to his eldest daughter’s husband instead. Fate intervenes when Akeem discovers that he actually has a son, thanks to a one-night stand during his original journey to America over 30 years earlier. So, with his friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) in tow, Akeem returns to meet the now-grown son Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler) for the first time.

The original film is an obvious influence on “Coming 2 America.” Indeed, devoted fans of the original will appreciate many of the jokes and references better than newcomers will. But there’s another, more recent Africa-centered movie that influences the sequel’s storyline as well. It’s hard to watch “Coming 2 America” without being reminded of “Black Panther” and its setting in the equally fictitious kingdom of Wakanda. Ruth Carter’s costumes and the elaborate musical production numbers in the new movie are eye-catching. More importantly, the younger female characters in the new film, including Akeem’s eldest daughter Meeka (KiKi Layne), are cut from the same cloth as the Wakandan women in “Black Panther.”

Despite these impressive influences, “Coming 2 America” isn’t as good as either of its influences. What made the original “Coming to America” special was Akeem’s innocence and earnest desire to prove himself in a new land. He’s no longer an innocent in the sequel, nor is the New York City-wise Lavelle. So, the new movie flips the script by bringing Lavelle to Zamunda and giving him a new rival in Meeka and a new love interest in his royal hairstylist (Nomzamo Mbatha). Some of this new fish-out-of-water material is funny, as when Lavelle has to prove himself by removing the whiskers from a lion. But it feels more on the level of a TV sitcom than what viewers experienced 30 years ago.

Most of the surviving cast members from the original movie reprise their roles in “Coming 2 America,” including Shari Headley as Akeem’s wife, Lisa, and John Amos as her father. Murphy and Hall also “return” as elderly barbers and several other roles in heavy old-age makeup from the original. But the addition of a new branch to the Zamundan royal family tree makes room for newcomers Leslie Jones as Lavelle’s mother and Tracy Morgan as his Uncle Reem. They are entertaining, but the best newcomer of all is Wesley Snipes as the ruler of the neighboring country of Nextdoria (these puns show the somewhat lower level of humor in this new movie).

The original “Coming to America” was a comedy classic. “Coming 2 America” can’t compare to the original, but, judged on its own merits, it’s a funny movie. Moreover, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and the rest of the cast and crew from the original are clearly invested in the new film. The influence of “Black Panther” also improved the finished product. “Coming 2 America” is a worthy heir to the comedy throne.
Joseph MaloneReviewed in the United States on March 15, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Just for laughs no real message
Verified purchase
Borrowed too much from Will Smith's Aladdin and Mulan in rehashing that women should inherit the throne or be military leaders despite traditional gender based roles in society.

I didn't see a real message or learn anything from the even. Even as a family movie you expect some type of lesson or moral to be taught. What was the moral of this story?

Closest to a moral was that the princess was ruthless enough to be a leader. She was willing to put lust for power above love and family. If she married some dude she fell in love with he would be King of Zamunda. She would rather rule as Queen and be single than abdicate her claim to title for true love. She would rather be Queen than let her brother be king. Here's why that is wrong:

Her whole life her has been spoiled. She has gotten everything she has ever wanted. It would not be a bad thing for her to sacrifice her dreams of being leader for the greater good of Africa. She is being petty and selfish. It also wouldn't be a bad thing for her to learn that you do not always get your way and that sometimes the needs of your people are greater than the needs of yourself.

In contrast Lavelle Junson has never had anything his whole life. It would not be bad for him to have this one thing. Instead he gives it up for true love. So he is willing to sacrifice title for love but his sister isn't. She is more ruthless but not necessarily a better choice for ruler. It is not clear what training she had done her whole life that makes her more qualified.

Being ruthless is best used in dealing with enemies not family and fellow countrymen. Realistically it is clear neither children are a good choice. The daughter and mother jeopardize the prosperity and peace of the region because they are more concerned with royal titles and privilege than what is actually good for their people. Historically arranged royal marriages were to unite wealth and kingdoms as well as end wars. It's called taking one for the team. You make the sacrifice because it will save peoples lives. It is called putting others before yourself. They lack that leadership, both of them.

Lavelle should have married Bopoto and then used Mirembe as a side piece. Have a ceremonial marriage to end war but then have a private marriage for true love. This is all very simple. It was silly when he was mad he was used as a pawn: 'boohoo hoo they made me a prince, and offered me attractive loyal doting 1950's women, and gave me the opportunity to unite Africa and end decades of war and poverty, boo hoo boo'. I do not understand his grievance. He was mad because she was to be was too loyal? She was doting, attractive, could sing and dance, and had that act right. He hit the jackpot and wanted to throw it away because of some convoluted message about how women should be more defiant in society and arbitrarily shun gender based roles.

What was the moral of the story? That it is okay to burn your neighbors twice and things will magically work out? That is hopelessly idealistic. I do not like how Hakeem dogged Gen. Izzi's sister by treating her like a female dog nor how his son did his daughter dirty by stringing her along then dumping her how he did. If it wanted to take a stand and say that Monarchies should be more progressive by being inclusive of women's rights then they might as well abolish the monarchy altogether and have an elected democracy. In the words of Meghan McCain," Monarchies are stupid". But it wasn't trying to say that because it wasn't trying to be woke or deep. It was like most sequels just a cash grab and vehicle for emerging actors.

I have no complaints about the movie and nothing offended me as offense is hard to find in an Eddie Murphy movie because he plays it extremely safe. The women were attractive and Wesley Snipes was funny showing once again he has more range than just an action star. The set and costume design was very well done. The flashbacks helped bridge the time gap between people who didn't see or are too young to remember the first. Overall an entertaining movie but given the plot and cast I think it could have been more. Watching this movie inspired me to make my own movie but darker and more apropos to actually teach the virtues of building a strong nation and the pain and sacrifice that comes with it.
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Kelley BroussardReviewed in the United States on March 22, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
I’d like to help sum up why there is so much hate for this movie.
Verified purchase
I spent about a half hour reading through all the one star reviews, as I was pretty surprised to see how low of a rating this movie has here on Amazon. What I can tell you is that the general consensus from most of the low rating reviewers, are because they believe that Coming 2 America is politicized “woke” propaganda that pushes their despised liberal narrative.

As a right leaning patriotic republican myself, who happened to absolutely love, adore and sincerely appreciate Coming 2 America - I will say that there are definitely some liberal undertones in Coming 2 America. But I do not think that in any way does this movie push or propagandize liberal politics. If anything - I think a lot of these aggrieved reviewers failed to see some of this movies low key mockery that was made out of some of the more ridiculous attitudes of todays “woke culture”.

Case in point - we see during the movie’s first five minutes, McDowell's restaurant in Zamunda, celebrating the promotion of the latest McDowell burger, inspired by Mr. McDowell’s lovely granddaughter in the hopes of lowering the restaurants “carbon footprint” - this burger was made with “zero animal byproduct, and has only just good ole’ fashioned grass’”. We then see everyone taking a bite of this new burger, then immediately grimacing and squirming out of it’s apparently disgusting taste. That is an example of some of the little jabs that they take in poking fun at some of the more ridiculous notions that come with today’s whole ‘woke culture”. It was funny, so please negative Nancy’s, do try to lighten up some.

It is also CRUCIAL to mention that many of these negative reviewers confessed to only watching this movie a quarter of a way through, before they felt the need to turn it off. That isn’t reasonable or legitimate of being worthy of a creditably solid review, and I think it’s really too bad that these half-assed reviews play the factors they do in the overall rating that movies get. So please try and take these particular reviews with the grain of salt that they should be worth.

As we all know - there are so many sequel's that end up falling terribly short to the brilliancy of their beloved predecessor’s. Thankfully, Coming 2 America does not fall into that sentiment, as it brilliantly showcases all of the comedic cleverness of the first one, and it paid a ton of endearing homage to everything that we loved and adored and then keys it all up quite grandly.

I especially loved the multiple brief cameos from Morgan Freeman, and I about jumped out of my pants when En Vogue and Salt N Pepa made their dazzling although brief musical appearances. Then… The one truly bright spot comes with a musical performance from the one and only Ms. Gladys Knight. I mean… I. Could. Have. Died.

From the movie’s pageantry, unbelievable choreography, breathtaking costumes and settings, and ALL of the remarkable TALENT - with the entire cast you remember (minus the actress who played Lisa’s sister - and sadly, the Queen Akeem’s mother).

Coming 2 America was everything I hoped for and MORE. The outstanding cast additions, from the incomparable Leslie Jones, Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan to Jermaine Fowler - this movie truly won my heart, and I humbly thank the writers, creators, directors and producers for creating such a delightful and brilliantly creative sequel that I for one will enjoy for years and years to come, just as I do with the first.

Final Thoughts:

It’s important to remember that Coming 2 America is a comedy, and comedic movies are meant to be taken lightly, funnily, and trivially. Taking it as serious as some have been, is doing a terrible disservice to the humor and satire that it is meant to be taken with. It is not CNN, and sometimes easing up a little on our political views, beliefs and outlooks - in the hopes of allowing our thoughts and minds to be just a little more opened, would be greatly advantageous.

With Love And Light To All.
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AnjanettewReviewed in the United States on March 5, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
This is a Comedy more so than a Romance Story and it works once you understand that.
Verified purchase
Coming 2 America - A Movie Review.
We waited forever for a sequel to Coming 2 America, but was it worth the wait?
Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is trying to maintain the tradition of a male heir to the throne of Zamunda, but there is one problem, he has three daughters, but no son. When he learns from his Shaman that he has a bastard son in America, he decides to head back to Queens to retrieve him. We get to meet his son Lavelle Johnsun, (Jermaine Fowler), his son's mother Mary Johnsun (Leslie Jones), Uncle Reem (Tracy Morgan), who raised Lavelle as his son. Suddenly, Lisa (Shari Headley)must come to terms with a blended family and the prospects that her eldest daughter Meeka (KIKI Layne) may lose her chance of becoming the heir to the throne something she has worked all her life to become. There is a side story about an eminent threat to Zamunda by its neighbor Nextdoria led by General Izzi (Wesley Snipes), who is willing to strike a peace deal if the heir to Zamunda marries either his daughter.
Wesley Snipes as General Izzi steals the show. From the way he strolls sideways, to his animated laughter, and his strategic plots almost like a Chess master at work, he steals his scenes. Leslie Jones playing a woman from a lower class thrown into the high life is funny and ghetto, but shows a softer side when needed. Tracy Morgan and Arsenio Hall goes toe to toe bringing more laughs.
The scenery is spectacular, and the soundtrack works. There are some good cameos from Envogue, Salt and Pepper, and Gladys Knight and the Pips all tweeting the lyrics of their songs to celebrate Zamunda. There are timely flashbacks from Coming To America that works for the purpose of the story. The plot is straightforward and we know how it will end pretty much early. There are times you will have to leave logics behind as you watch Prince Akeem meeting his son for the first time and switching his dress attire from royal wear, to sportswear, and back to royal wear almost to the snap of a finger.
I think the struggle for Coming 2 America is watching Prince Akeem struggle to take on the role of his father previously played by James Earl Jones and we did miss his wife whose role is being played by Shari Headley. Coming 2 America is a love story, and unlike the first Coming 2 America where we fell in love with Prince Akeem and Shari, we never get to that intensity of love between Prince Lavelle and his love interest. Teyana Taylor as Bopoto destined to marry Prince Lavelle is good showing us that she can be militant and submissive. It was always going to be an uphill battle matching the original Coming To America, but Coming 2 America doesn't disappoint and it brings a new flavor of mixing the old with the new. I wish it had a deeper emotional connection like the first, but it was still a fun ride with lot's of humor, while bringing out the cultural aspects of Zamunda that we didn't see much of in the first Coming To America.
It's been 30 years and unusual long wait for a sequel, and like a well fine aged wine, it took an acquired taste to really grasp the significance of the characters and their roles and I actually loved this movie. I give Coming 2 America 4 Stars out of 5.
RichieReviewed in the United States on March 5, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Was expecting more...
Verified purchase
To start off Coming to America is my favorite movie ever and Eddie Murphy is my favorite actor ever. So to say i have been waiting for this my whole life is a understatement but sadly i am dissapointed.
1.They spent like 5 minutes total of the whole movie in America. what made the 1st one so good was the time they spent in queens and it was about the city and the people.
2.Needed more screen time of the original stars. John amos needed more screen time so did louis anderson. Eddie murphy and aresenio hall could have had way more screen time as well.
3. Tracy morgan and leslie jones were not needed in this movie. i love them but they just didnt mesh well in it for me.
4. They needed more time with the barbershop scenes those were funny.
5. It felt way too scripted and forced and fake. i barely laughed at all.
6. Take the political junk out of it and the "woke" messages.
7. Where was Daryl? Where was Lisa's sister? i felt like they should have brought back everyone and spent more time with the original cast and members instead of all the new people.
8. They needed to be more like the original instead of trying to "fit in" with todays culture.
9. They should have left the original "soul glo" and "queen to be" songs original!
10. They needed more funnier scenes and more Randy Watson! Like the chicken wing scene or the barbershop or church scenes in the original the sequel just lacked so much in the funny scene department.
11. As is said before the whole thing just felt like forced and scripted and fake comedy. None of the actors felt natural to me. everything just felt so off. like they were trying to hard and it felt too rushed.

1. having almost all of the original cast back was amazing!! true feeling of nostalgia.
2. the sets were amazing.
3. The costumes were epic and the movie alone deserves to win an award for the costumes and makeup.
4. While not no where near as good or funny as the 1st. This one to me had a different feeling. more like a love story and a closing of what the 1st one embarked on.
5. Wesley snipes played a good role in it i liked him the best. He felt natural to me still like he was just being himself and enjoying it. everyone else to me just didnt act or feel like themselves.
6. seeing the homage they paid back to alot of the original movie was amazing!! Like the mcdowells, louis anderson still there, the painting of randolph and mortimor duke lol that was a hidden gem.
7. the woman were gorgeous in it!!
8. everyone still looked very good for their age.
9. just seeing Eddie Murphy in another movie again is a massive PRO!
10. Seeing Randy Watson!!!!!

Overall the movie to me just felt to forced, fake and scripted. more like a remake paying homage to the original but poorly done. Too many cameos of people and at times just felt like a movie full of cameos. The story line was too weak and predictable. Not many funny parts in the movie. Nothing compared to the 1st one not even close! It was good but not great. i watched the original over 500 times in my life. this one i might watch a few times. they barely spent any times in queens and it did just not feel like the original at all. i appreciate the try but it needed more time and to be more polished. i wanted to see more of the original cast and not 90% of the movie with all the new people. The part where Akeem was moping and had the fatherly conversation with John Amos was the only part that Truly took me back to the 1st one. That was my favorite part! Overall id give it a 3/5 or like a 5 to 6/10
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D2KReviewed in the United States on March 6, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
It's was "okay."
Verified purchase
One of the things that pain me is just how people cannot think for themselves and just take things as they are and give an honest-opinion about something. I've seen two extremes in these reviews. People seem to either love it, or hate it. People seem to think the movie is saturated with social and political propaganda "wokeness," or it's not in the movie at all. Let me just give you the long and the short of it.

If you enjoyed the original Coming To America, there is enough call-back to that film to enjoy this film. In fact....this movie IS that film basically with some minor-differences.

There are a TON of cameos from celebrities in this movie so if you like that kind of thing there is plenty of that. I'm just going to tackle the elephant in the room. Yes, there IS "wokeness" and political-agenda in this film. Some areas it is very surreptitious, other areas it is very on-the-nose.

The whole scene where both Prince Lavelle and the Caucasian-fellow that just happened to be the grandson of one of the Dukes from Trading Places (who had a cameo-appearance in the original Coming To America) were both trading racist and stereotypical-banter was 100% pointless, did not accomplish anything, did not have any bearing on the story-line at all, and was quite frankly embarrassing to watch.

For the most part, that was really it in terms of "wokeness" being shoved down your throat. I peeped-game on subtle shots here and there they took at patriarchy, but I've learned to tune stuff like that out and just enjoy what is enjoyable After that, the movie settled-down and told and interesting, yet familiar-story.

At it's core, this film is basically about the fact that Akeem has lost the idealism he had in the original-film and basically was on the path of becoming just like his father. Rigid, inflexible, and bound by oath rather than by honor. While that is going on, his son is basically on the path to become HIM. At the beginning he is too flexible, no real goals, and despite having gifts and charisma, he's just kind of drifting through life with no sense of purpose or focus. However, the good attributes that Akeem has he seems to have also even if he doesn't know it yet. So, Lavelle goes on a journey to discover himself, where-as Akeem goes on a journey to rediscover himself and in the process of doing this they both form a relationship.

A secondary-story is the fact that Akeem eldest-daughter Meeka has trained her entire-life to one day "hopefully" become a queen, but because of tradition that women may not rule in Zamunda, Akeem does not even consider her to be his successor. I do like the fact that there is a call back to the first film when Jaffe is discussing Aoleon that because of tradition Akeem could not marry an outsider, but she reminds him that he is the king. So they flew Lisa to Zamunda so she could marry Akeem. There is a part where Akeem and Cleo McDowell are having a conversation and Akeem is all charged-up thinking he is right, but Cleo asks him "What do you think your mother would say?" That gave Akeem pause, and started the wheels turning for him to change a lot of things with himself and Zamunda.

Overall it wasn't bad. There was a fair amount of cheese which is fine because the OG version had cheese. Not as much as this one though.

I wouldn't pay to see this and I probably won't be buying the Blu-Ray, but watching this on my free-trial of Prime I felt is worth a watch IF you are a fan of the original-film.
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