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PG: Psycho Goreman

6.31 h 34 min2021X-Ray16+
Mimi and Luke resurrect an alien overlord, inadvertently summoning his intergalactic friends and foes to battle for the fate of the galaxy.
Steven Kostanski
Nita-Josee HannaOwen MyreMatthew Ninaber
English [CC]
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Steven KostanskiShannon HanmerStuart F. Andrews
RLJE Films
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michael moodgrooveReviewed in the United States on January 30, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Immoral, Clueless.
Verified purchase
What could have been a fun, exciting movie with fantastic creature design goes off the rails pretty quickly when about 20 minutes in you realize the movie actually has no moral center. Mimi, the little girl and protagonist of the movie is the most obnoxious, mean-spirited, over exaggerated twerp ever captured on film; and she gets WORSE as the movie goes along.

The fact that the character is so grossly written might not have been a big deal if the movie had given her character just a little bit of CHARACTER (as in a moral center). Instead we are faced with a child who essentially cannot even fathom the horror of turning her friend (another child she supposedly likes) into a gelatinous brain blob or is completely unfazed by the transformation of an innocent police officer (an easy target for today's movies) into a grotesque, melting zombie-like monstrosity. This child, who is the PROTAGONIST the audience is supposed to relate to is entirely dismissive of the agony of this poor guy. There is a literal non-reaction as her and her brother go right back into their game of "crazy ball." In the next scene she uses threats of actual murder against her own brother. This, to make it clear, makes Mimi actually EVIL, despite whatever lame-brain and scattershot humor the movie tries to erect around the retro-kitsch of the movie. If anything, the traits of Mimi are actually similar to a sociopath, which is ironic, considering the movie expects you to root for her in some way. Why? Why do the screenwriters/director think this? It was a complete turn-off.

This moral bankruptcy extends to her parents, especially her father, who at the end of the movie seem completely oblivious to the fact that they have consigned everyone else on Earth to probable death at the hands of Pyscho Goreman. At the beginning of the film the comedy seems to be set up to make the father a kind of shaggy, quirky fellow who slightly undermines traditional parenting. NO. That's not the case. Out of nowhere the plot shifts into making the Dad a lazy loser and the parents actually hate each other. The tonal shifts without reason are amazing! The only remotely human character is the brother, who suffers and is bullied through the entire movie.

If you're a horror fan and think I'm being too judgmental over essentially a minor gore movie, all I can say is that IT MATTERS. The only example I can give to illustrate how poorly this movie is conceived is to compare it to the beloved Toxic Avenger; a movie that is over the top and mean-spirited with its violence, using it against children, old women, innocent bystanders and even a seeing eye dog! Why is that movie successful and this one not? Because the Toxic Avenger remains TRUE to a classic formula: The Toxic Avenger is ALWAYS GOOD, and all the villains get what they deserve in the end. The Toxic Avenger, despite being filled with casual violence that also includes a notorious scene where the head-crushing hit-and-run of a child by a car is played for laughs, ultimately is a feel-good story about good triumphing over evil, a fable about government corruption and pollution, and a nerd transformed into a kickass superhero who gets the girl. What kind of arc does Psycho Goreman have? He's a murderous, terrible (yet sometimes funny) demonic monster who is STILL an unrepentant demonic monster at the end. Yet the movie never frames anything about these characters as satire.

But that is not where the real sin lies. The crime of the movie is this grotesque, loud, camera mugging, narcissistic child who is flippantly dismissive of all the carnage around her. A morally ugly child who doesn't care if her friend is ever transformed back to a human. A girl who doesn't listen to her own parents and repeatedly threatens to murder her own brother! What's worse is that it's apparent that the movie is not purposely written to make this girl some kind of morbid, dark anti-hero (think Wednesday Addams). In other words the character is not satirical at all. Her obnoxiousness is entirely sincere. They really didn't realize they had written a repugnant character that actually no decent person should relate to. They actually thought they wrote an endearing, "hip" tween.

Here's another movie example that puts Psycho Goreman to shame: Adam Chaplin. Despite all the over-the-top gory violence, the story never deviates from the core principal that Adam Chaplin's quest for revenge is JUST. Adam Chaplin too makes a deal with a monstrous demon in that movie. The difference is the conclusion of the film implicitly tells us that Adam Chaplin's deal with the demon for his revenge comes at a spiritual PRICE. His soul is forfeited at the end to the demon. In Psycho Goreman what should we make of the extended scene in which the girl loudly declares in front of an actual crucifix (which is much more personal than a cross because it's an actual representation of Jesus) that not only does she no longer take advice from God, but is through with him completely, and then proceeds to destroy the crucifix! Ask yourself, what was the purpose of this scene? Why was it included? What was a scene about a child rejecting god supposed to elicit from the audience? Big Laughs? Make us think she was a bad-ass? The movie is filled with suspect choices like this. What epiphanies does the family at the center of Psycho Goreman learn? Zilch. In Psycho Goreman almost everyone is evil or at least amoral other than the put-upon, sensitive son. Why isn't he the main character?

So in case people missed it: The character of Psycho Goreman starts evil and is evil at the end. The Templar Knight is evil. The table of alien representatives are corrupt. The family is obliviously stupid and dooms the entire world. The poor little boy turned into a monster stays a monster (oh, and his parents ignore him at the end). The movie takes no stance on the disposability of any of the peripheral murdered people. How can we relate to these characters? What exactly makes them funny?

Such a flippant, obnoxious movie with no true viewpoint. If you thought while watching this you liked the creatures, the gore and some of the little action bits and humor, but were wondering why you might feel empty at the end of it or couldn't place why the tone was so off-putting, this is why: The movie has no moral center. The little girl isn't some cool, smart, girl-power/girls-rock hero to emulate. She's actually a monster herself. An immoral, obnoxious cretin worthy of Psycho Goreman himself. If the movie had had the balls to have Psycho Goreman rip out her narcissistic little throat at the end of the movie (along with snuffing out her garbage parents), that would have made sense. At least that ending would have freed the brother from this disgusting albatross of a family. After all, the whole movie is built around the fact that this delinquent is controlling Psycho Goreman, yet is completely emotionally oblivious/unfazed by his violence. That cries out for it to have been turned on her. Not only would that have been justified and fitting, I'm sure the audience would have been immensely satisfied seeing this controlling, defiant, arrogant little sicko of a girl get what she had coming to her.

Sadly, this movie with its amoral tone is actually symptomatic of the times we are living in. The only cool, fun aspect of the movie is the Psycho Goreman character, who is funny and satirical - his bombastic declarations of evil always somehow getting interrupted or thwarted by the children. But that's where it ends. The rest of the movie isn't a purposeful critique of anything and barely fun. Many attempts at punchlines and humor land like lead balloons. Anything else successful (like the fantastic creature design) is undermined by the pure mean-spiritedness of the material. The filmmakers prove over and over they are actually CLUELESS. I've never been offended by a horror movie before. Not by a Serbian Film; not by Salo; not by Cannibal Holocaust. The fact that this movie has no perspective; no philosophical viewpoint and then shovels this bloodshed at the audience using CHILDREN made me incredibly sad. The fact that it comes disguised in the form of a power-rangers styled horror "comedy" made it all the more sour; and I wish audiences were smart enough to question what they are ACTUALLY LOOKING AT on the screen. All I can say again is that it matters.

Of course, most horror fans leaving 4 and 5 star reviews are either mentally 12 year olds or are just the type of horror fans who have massive horror dvd collections and go "COOL!" every time an ounce of blood is spilled (even though they've seen such things thousands of times before). These are the viewers who miss the entirety of why the movie is so bankrupt and atrocious in a REAL WAY, but are confused by Hereditary and think The Witch is slow. Someone should sic Psycho Goreman on them to melt their faces! Maybe they should go back to watching actual Power Rangers series. At least those had a moral universe to them.
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A. GeorgeReviewed in the United States on January 23, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
90s Nostalgia with no sticky morals to tie it down
Verified purchase
I expected a cheezy comedic gorefest and wasn't disappointed but this was so much more. Who the real monsters were was so hazy throughout the film. Lots of laughs and plenty dark twists kept up til the end and the cheezy rap retelling of the story over the credits was perfect. (I almost took a star off the review for the anti religion undertones but it works well enough for the story being told. Difficult to express much more clearly without giving away too many spoilers.)
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Desmond SanchezReviewed in the United States on January 25, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
This film deserves a warrior's death!!!
Verified purchase
Psycho Goreman is everything I want from a Steven Kostanski film. In high school, I was obsessed with Astron 6 and loved their weird humor mixed with the over the top gore. Being let down by The Void, which had great effects but I felt was lacking in the story department I wished for the return of what I loved about Kostanski’s early work the Humor, and to say the least, PG delivers.

Psycho Goreman follows siblings Mimi and Luke who while digging in their backyard awaken an ancient alien lord of destruction which they name Psycho Goreman (PG for short). Mimi in possession of the amulet that imprisoned and gives PG his superpowers she is in control of his every move, but when the intergalactic Council, The Templars, who were responsible for sealing PG on earth are made aware of his return decided to send their leader Pandora to try to halt what could be the destruction of the universe but little does Pandora knows is that PG is being helped by pure evil Mimi!

So from the other reviews, I have read a lot of people didn't like the acting especially from Mimi but I felt like it was true to Astron 6’s humor with the characters who are played like exaggerated 90s characters tropes, I was laughing the whole time I was watching. Mimi and Luke’s whole family have the “traditional roles” reversed with Mimi being my personal favorite of those changes. Mimi‘s character is what I'd call “toxic femininity” which I thought was a fresh twist, taking the played out aspects of toxic masculinity and flipping it on its head, and playing into the over the top humor very well. I also love the whole big terrifying evil who has to be the friend to kids aspect of the movie. I always find when the media does that trope I just love it. The effects in the movie are so great. It has clear inspirations to the Tokusatsu sub-genre (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman) in the character's design which I found just fantastic. The gore is just insane, it's what you got in The Void but is wacky and played up for comedic value. The OST is a solid synthwave that fits the mood of the film.

Overall PG was a great original film that made me feel nostalgic for the media I grew up loving, there's so much greatness in this film and I really hope to see Kostanski do more films that stick close to his roots!
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Brett ColangeloReviewed in the United States on February 7, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
This movie is better than the Godfather.
Verified purchase
In a world of four-hour Scorsese movies about the kind of people you wouldn't be caught dead with and action-comedies about McDonald's toys fighting each other that requires you first watch 20+ movies, PG: Psycho Goreman is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale and recycled film landscape.

With special effects reminiscent of a time where films attempted to challenge not only themselves but the genre, PG: Psycho Goreman will delight endlessly. Though initially not for the faint of heart, the carnage that ensues throughout this 90-minute romp will make you smile from ear to ear!

Who doesn't love a pluky, take no cuss protagonist?!? You're in luck, look no further than Mimi. Mimi and her dorky kid brother Luke truly remind you of how it felt to grow up on the schoolyard. Soon enough you'll find yourself yearning for the days of the past and bringing crazy ball to life with the whole neighborhood.

Grab your friend, lover, parents, and dog- pop some of your favorite corn, buckle up....and have some fun.
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HankReviewed in the United States on February 7, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
If You Like the Trailer you will Like the Movie. If you didn't, watch Full House.
Verified purchase
This is one of the most fun movies I've ever seen. If you liked Turbo Kid, you'll love this. I don't get the negative reviews one the page being at the top. This is a genre film that's a comedy horror. It's intentionally cheesy. If you think this is "immoral" or "bad writing" I think you are probably not getting the point, or are too blinded by your own opinions to see something from another point of view.

Seriously, if you watched the trailer you knew what this was. And then complain about "bad acting" or writing. What are you thinking? That's the point.

I'm so ashamed of our species sometimes. I can only hope Psycho Goreman spares me as I submit to his rule.
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Adam MoliskiReviewed in the United States on February 1, 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Bad... in a bad way
Verified purchase
I like good movies. I like bad movies that are so bad that they end up being enjoyable just for how bad they are.
This movie is so bad that the writing of the children makes me think twice about ever wanting kids for the fear that they might turn out even 1% as annoying and obnoxious as the main character.

There were maybe two chuckle-worthy moments, and two extended sections where I just muted it and waited for the songs to pass- if I wasn't doing a group watch, I would have bailed before the end, but at least watching to the end removed any curiosity I might have about whether the ending could turn the rest of the movie around.

Nope. Terrible at the start. Terrible in the middle. And somehow, even more terrible at the end.
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mattReviewed in the United States on January 25, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Not as good as we'd expected
Verified purchase
The main reason I likely won't watch this movie again is the young girl lead. She overacts everything and her character is a total sociopath. I honestly almost turned it off after ten minutes of asking myself what the film is trying to have me think about her. I'm not sure if we're supposed to root for this girl, but the song in the film that she later reprises to psychologically manipulate her long-suffering brother in lieu of an apology would have us believe so. People in the movie seem to treat her as if this is all just charming.

I feel like the creators were going for the child-like irreverence and megalomania found in 80s kid-adventure horror films like Monster Squad or The Goonies, but I found nothing redeeming about this character. That said, the brother is the only human character who doesn't seem to need admission to inpatient behavioral healthcare. The mother and father need a concerning amount of help too.

I did enjoy most of the monster-centric comedy and great practical effects of this film - which are a rarity these days unfortunately. The titular monster is acted very well, even through the full suit. I also enjoyed the general mythos around PG and his backstory. I'd say the cop was my favorite part - you'll know what I mean if you watch.

Altogether it seems like a creature effects company needed a reel to show off their impressive skills, so they half-assedly wrote a movie. Worth one watch, but just one in my opinion - and only if you can tolerate the incredibly irritating lead girl. Would have been a better $2.99 (or cheaper) rent.
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CS MatthewReviewed in the United States on January 25, 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Cheesy, tired
Verified purchase
I'm a movie wh*re, I love movies and I don't discriminate. Romances, comedies, horror, suspense, mystery, action/adventure, you get the point. This was a cheesy movie, steeped in cheesy 80s nostalgia.

As others have noted, it looks like it was done by a bunch of first year film students that let their F/X friend in his junior year have some fun.

For me it was not nostalgia, it was a waste of $6. There are a lot of fanbois and critics who loved it (Rotten Tomatoes, what!!??). I didn't, maybe you will. I thought it sucked. Then again I didn't like Troma or Power Rangers or any 80s schlock for that matter, so if you did it might not suck for you. Buyer beware.
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