Santana IV - Live At The House Of Blues, Las Vegas

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Captured on stage together for the first time since 1973, the Original Santana Band featuring Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals), Gregg Rolie (keyboards, lead vocals), Neal Schon (guitar, vocals), Michael Carabello (percussion), and Michael Shrieve (drums) live at the House of Blues in Las Vegas is a celebration of life and spirit.
Carols Santana
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Top reviews from the United States

VITSOLReviewed in the United States on October 28, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
This one will bring gladness to your heart
Verified purchase
I immediately knew that this one would be a winner and did not need to wait for reviews to order it. I only ordered the DVD with CD's because the extra cost was only a little more than S&H, which was free when coupled with another expensive CD purchase. My advice is for one to get the DVD or Blu-Ray version without the CD's because listening to the CD's without the video would feel empty after watching this stellar show. I could not attend this show in Las Vegas, so this DVD will suffice if they never tour again.

Watching this group play will bring gladness to your heart, unless you are like my dog who has no Latino blood in her and ran for cover in the next room. The new material blends in seamlessly with the old songs, which I have known all along. This only proves that they were way ahead of the times. Come As You Are is my favorite from the new songs, and they are having a blast playing this one. Greg and Carlos are two of the nicest people on the planet, and I have met them both. You can feel their love in the crowd.

The camera work is just right and there are only a few shots in the crowd. Early into the video, there is only one crowd shot on the left side with the SPF's (Smart Phone Fools). This only reminds me why I choose my live shows judiciously these days, as these inconsiderate people can ruin an otherwise great show. When one sees a very professional camera crew filming, that is a clear reminder that this show is being recorded for a future video release and one should put their smart phones away.
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*1Mumtaz*Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Santana 2016 - STILL rockin' with their psychedelic mariachi!
Verified purchase
My husband and I sat through half of Santana IV at Amazon Prime video - I could tell: I need this DVD! The video simply doesn't do justice to the staging and music delivered in superb quality on the DVD. I also enjoyed reading the booklet that came with the DVD that gives the history of the band, their constant interactions over 45 years, which culminated in Neal Schon getting them all together for the live concert at The House of Blues, Vegas in 2016.

WOW. What a show! As others mention, the new songs are a perfect fit with the same, relentless energy and style of the old favorites. Listen to the percussion: it's like a living, breathing BEAST that plays non-stop throughout the entire concert. Karl Perazzo on his set - human DYNAMO! - his playing is so energetic you will need a break just to exhale! Michael Shrieve - now 70+ - still playing like that wild-haired kid at Woodstock! Michael Carabello, looking like a sweet librarian at the percussion, Gregg Rolie cackling like the Devil on an old Hammond keyboard, Neal Schon, his mile-wide SMILE the entire time he's playing or singing.... And then CARLOS SANTANA! Peerless. He literally writes poetry with his playing, initiating a lively - or soothing - dialogue like no other guitar player I've ever heard. This concert will transport you back in time as if 45 years vanished. The playing is passionate, ENERGETIC, simply memorable! The legend lives ON!
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Eee TeeReviewed in the United States on May 5, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I'm old enough that I first heard Santana I as a 14 year old and always loved the first albums. When I first heard about the Santana reunion with the original lineup I was intrigued but skeptical. The idea of writing, recording, and performing new music after nearly half a century apart and still retain the magical sound of early Santana seemed very unlikely. All too often the music composed decades after the initial sucess results in new material that sadly pales in comparision to the originals. How often do you watch a concert where the artist(s) play new songs that sound nothing like the classics and kill the flow so you reach for the remote to skip to the next track. Not so on this blu-ray.

This concert blu-ray is the happy exception. The new songs from Santana IV are so good and so recognizable, that the new songs made me wonder if some were old songs I'd forgotten rather than new. That's rare, if not unheard of.

If you love the early hits from the Santana, Abraxas, and Santana III albums, I can't imagine you'll not like Santana IV. Even though Carlos Santana, Neil Schon, Greg Rolie, and Michael Shrieve all 65+ years old you'd never know it. Newer members Karl Perazzo and Benny Rietveld are every bit their equals. The performance captured here are of superb musicians still at the top of their game playing great music.

The only disappointment is the blu-ray navigation - slow, clunky, and lacking in ease of use. When selecting a track, the highlighted track color is so subtle that it's hard to see what's really highlighted. Minor quibble.

Overall a must have for Santana fans.
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John C.Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
This visual and audio celebration of the original members of Santana is fantastic. In early 2016, at the urging of guitarist Neal Schon, the five original members of Santana came together after more than 40 yrs. to play together again and ultimately released an album, Santana IV. In addition, they also started playing live dates together. It is from these shows that this Blu-Ray and 2CD set is taken.

It is truly amazing how new songs like, "Anywhere You want to Go" and "Suenos" fit seamlessly next to older hits like, "Oyo Como Va", "Evil Ways/Black Magic Woman", and "Soul Sacrifice". The band itself plays together so well, it's like the 40 yr. separation never occurred.
As for the technical aspects of the discs is concerned, it doesn't get any better than this. The Hi-Definition taping of the show gives you a "crystal clear", "sharp as a tack" picture. The audio recording of the show is every bit as exceptional as the visual recording.
This purchase is a "no-brained". In a genre where spotty editing and sub-par audio and visual recording are, a lot of the time, "standard", this is a true gem!
27 people found this helpful
Don QuixoteReviewed in the United States on September 14, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Viva Santana!!
Verified purchase
So let me begin by saying I’ve been a huge fan of Santana since 1970. Although I could never afford to see them in such iconic places as The House of Blues in Las Vegas, I have seen them perform at least 6 times in my lifetime if not more with the most memorable one being October 31, 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When I first heard about the original bands reunion for Santana IV I was ecstatic. As soon as the CD came out I bought it and must have listened to the full album about 20 times mind you just the first week. So why the hell did I never know about the availability of the DVD of their LV reunion concert in March of 2016 until just last week just blows my mind. That aside after watching this Blu-ray DVD of their concert 2x back to back all I can say is wow, wow, wow!!! If like me you are a huge Santana fan this is a MUST buy no ifs and or buts. You will not regret it. Viva Santana!!
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The Camera EyeReviewed in the United States on August 17, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
The Reunion I've wished for and thought would never happen
Verified purchase
Santana is amazing regardless of who is a member of his band. His playing is melodic, distinctive and sublime: two notes on any track by any artist and I can tell you instantly that it's Carlos playing. That is a remarkable level of talent. He'd spent so many years recently exploring collaborations, I was in awe of the fact that Neal Schon convinced him to do this. The first three albums by Santana are the greatest. And even though he's made so many great albums since, I've always longed to see the original iteration of his band. Little could I have imagined they would so easily re-capture, not just the sound, but the MAGIC behind the sound. The new album LITERALLY picks up right where they left off. With all of the growth, and considerable musical journey (Ok, pun intended) of the different members of this band, they've recaptured something special that few bands could come close to doing - and after such a long time. A testament to not only their abilities but what they still share collectively as musicians. This video contains not only all of the early classics you want but the majority of this new material that sounds like it was recorded right with them. One of my other favorite guitarists, Neal Schon, is as amazing as always and it is great hear Gregg Rolie's still amazing (and untarnished) voice singing in front of Santana again. Michael Schrieve and Michael Carabello sound fantastic. Since original bassist David Brown has long since passed, Santana's current Bassist Benny Ritveldt ably fills his shoes, and he is as good or even better. I am so glad Carlos decided he was still the guy in this context. As for the other percussionist, we get current percussionist Karl Perazzo, who is an utterly driving force within the music - what a monster this guy is. Unfortunately, the previous percussionist had to be left out. Not only aged significantly, I read of something really, really bad that he did and I can understand why Carlos has distanced himself from that guy. Karl is at least as good or better anyway.

I was lucky enough to see one of the rare shows by this new re-iteration of the old band in Allentown, PA & it was as amazing as what you see on this video. I really hope Carlos decides to do more shows and maybe even another recording or two with them. I will be first in line for more of this.
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CCSWebWeaverReviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
This BluRay Concert is like a party from start to finish.
Verified purchase
Excellent audio and video. Wonderful musicians. Great playlist.

We are rocking a wall of Klipsch speakers with tons of power; this BluRay sounds great at all volume levels; louder is better!

Many of these musicians can stand tall on their own. Together, this band makes magic.

Great set list. Great performance. Great production quality.

I hesitated to purchase the DVD as it is a bit out of my norm - I dig quality blues. However, having watched this performance, I can truly say I should have pulled the trigger much sooner; at least now I can listen to it repeatedly and at my leisure.

The Latin influence and heavy bassline is most excellent. The guitarwork is top notch.
Carlos Santana is Superb. Neal Schon compliments and contributes quite well.

Highly recommended! Sit back with your favorite beverage, crank it up, and enjoy!
Matthew BushReviewed in the United States on November 1, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Best concert I've seen in years
Verified purchase
I rarely attend concerts these days because very few bands today rock like they did back when I was growing up in the seventies. That was a time when bands were made up of virtuoso musicians who coaxed the very best out of each other on stage. This Santana concert takes me back to that time and, although the original band only reunited for a few shows, it's as if they've been playing together all of this time, their performance is every bit as good as when I saw them 45 years ago. To watch Carlos, Greg, Michael and Neal playing their hearts out together brought a huge smile to my face, and it was clear that they were loving it too. From the beautiful Samba Pa Ti to the rocking Batuka and the final jam of Toussaint Overture, this band is on fire.
Because in a sense Neal plays in Santana's shadow, some may not appreciate what a fantastic guitarist he is, in fact, I think he is one of the very best players today and I love how Carlos introduces him as his "little brother". I do wish he didn't use so much processing and whammy bar on his guitar, it brings a little of that 80s Van Halen distortion which only detracts from the soulful and bluesy Santana sound.
I tend to favor the older material over the new, but the cuts from Santana IV sound great too. While one can say that watching a DVD of a concert will never be the same as being there, the filming and audio quality are so good that, played on a big screen and a high-end sound system, you almost feel that you're in the front row at the show.
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