Do more with Alexa. Alexa is always ready to make shopping easier for you.

Planning what to buy?

Whether you're planning for your weekly grocery pickup or prepping a meal, Alexa can help you in the kitchen.
Say: "Add milk to my shopping list."
Say: "Remove eggs from my shopping list."
Say: "Give me a nutrition tip."
Ask: "How many calories are in an avocado?"

Browsing for a gift or a product for yourself?

Alexa can give recommendations based on real customer ratings and let you know of great deals on
Ask: "What's the most popular dog food?"
Ask: "What are my deals?"

Shopping for groceries?

You can also shop for groceries on Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, or with Alexa. Learn more about buying groceries with Alexa on Fresh and Whole Foods Market (available only in select cities - click to activate).
Say: "Add milk to my Whole Foods cart."
Say: "Add eggs to my Fresh cart."

Ready to build your cart
and check out?

Add items to your Amazon cart with Alexa, and you can either check out with your voice or on whenever convenient for you. Alexa can also help restock essential items and will suggest items based on your Amazon order history.
Say: "Add laundry detergent to my cart."
Say: "Reorder coffee."
Say: "Buy Alexander Hamilton on Audible."

Waiting for your order?

You can track your orders and confirm the delivery date with Alexa. Alexa can also notify you when your package is delivered. Once you receive and use the product you ordered, you can rate it with Alexa and provide valuable feedback to help other customers.
Ask: "Where's my stuff?"
Ask: "What are my notifications?"
Say: "Let's rate my stuff."

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benefits with Prime

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