I purchased this product as the title say uiaa certified but having a trouble accepting this statement. if uiaa certified what is the product number?

asked on March 30, 2020

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The UIAA Certificate No. of this carabiner is CHN 20-5675 , brand name: Freskaro, product number: FK-1272TN. Please feel free to contact customer service for return or refund if you have any question about the item. We are appreciated for your question and suggestions. Best wishes to you.
Seller · March 31, 2020
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Product meets standard UIAA regulations and is currently valid certificate under “climbing carabiner” in their database
I am
· September 24, 2020
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I just checked UIAA website and it also lists these as being currently passed for the certification.
· July 14, 2021
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