Does this come with lights? Description said it does but mine didn’t. I don’t know if they were missing or description is wrong.

asked on November 13, 2018

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This 4 foot silver tinsel tree does come with 70 UL listed clear incandescent lights. If you received a tree that does not have lights, you will need to contact the vendor you purchased it from. If you have an image of the carton with the description and item number, that would be a help to see if the item you received is defective or if you were sent an incorrect item.

Customer Support, National Tre…
Manufacturer · November 13, 2018
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Yes it came with lights, but what a mess. I had to take all the lights off and put them back on. Someone had wrapped the lights around and around several branches at once and then around and around the whole tree and tied in a knot. It took me almost five hours to redo it.
· November 13, 2018
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Yes, it should come with lights.
Happy Mommy
· November 13, 2018
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