How do i increase the volume on my earbud? Something happened earlier and it said "minimum volume" help!

asked on January 4, 2021

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Music Control via Earbuds
Play/Pause: Tap once on either earbud
Next Track: Press R earbud twice
Previous Track: Press L earbud twice
Volume+: Long press R earbud
Volume-: Long press L earbud
Voice Assistant: Press L/R earbud three times
Accept:Tap once on either earbud
Decline:Long Press L/R earbud
Reject:Long Press L/R earbud

Seller · April 29, 2022
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Volume up is the right headphone, the way I was able to adjust mine is tap then hold until you hear a beep, keep going until you hear the same voice say "maximum volume". Simply long pressing is power so it did take me a few tries to get the hang of it. You can use your phones volume control but these do have seperate volume control so I try to keep mine at maximum & only use the phone volume if I need to adjust the level.
· April 4, 2021
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You can control the headset volume by adjusting the phone volume, or you can long press the touch button on the headset to adjust the volume
Seller · January 5, 2021
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Haven't had that problem yet anyways. Maybe hold it down a little more. Taping it makes it mute then tap again and it goes back to where it was. At least that's how it works for me. Sorry if it didn't help but that's what I do.
· January 4, 2021
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Use the volume buttons on your cell phone
Yellow Bird
· January 4, 2021
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KURDENE, the seller added a very helpful video with his answer. I would watch that. It helped me a lot.

AmOzon Woman
· July 2, 2022
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