If you plug this into a power adapter instead of a pc, what is the default color setting for the lights? the rainbow effect?

asked on February 28, 2020

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I received my Razer Base Station V2 Chroma stand on 3/17/2021 white version. Bottom light ring will NOT turn on, plugged into a wall outlet (using power brick from Android Nexus and Apple Iphone along with a usb slot build in on a power strip) However light RGB works fine plugged into my pc.
Ryan R
· March 18, 2021
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Yes it's the rainbow breathing effect but some users report having issues with having the 3 USB ports remaining functional so I woul suggest making sure the power adapter you plan to use is sufficient to power the stand and usb ports to avoid any issues.
· February 28, 2020
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Yeah it just cycles through the colors. I have mine plugged into a usb port on a external fan vertical stand for my xbox one s and it works just fine.
Jeffrey Patch
· March 26, 2020
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