I want know if it is conpatable with dell 9010 mt?

asked on January 9, 2021

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It depends on your motherboard, if this motherboard has a PCI-e then it should work. I took the liberty of looking up the motherboard of your dell 9010 mt and it does have a PCI-e if I am looking at the right one, for there seems to be a few of them with different motherboards for this model. If I am currently looking at the right one then this should work.
· January 9, 2021
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I wanted to add, check to make sure you are running a 64 bit system. it could fit on the board but if you are running in 32 bit system may have issues as this states 64 bit
· January 9, 2021
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Dell’s motherboards may have a whitelist restriction. Need to consult Dell’s official whether it can pluged in this hardware. At the same time, if it is not a win10 system, it may be incompatible
Seller · January 10, 2021
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