Has anyone used the Butter Flavor extract? Does it really taste "buttery"?

asked on December 12, 2016

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I make a poppy seed pound cake that calls for butter, almond and vanilla extract in the cake and glaze...the butter flavor extract is perfect for this recipe. I don't care for it in anything else.
· September 22, 2019
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Here's my experience. This is Butter Flavor EXTRACT, not Butter Flavor. So you would use a couple of drops in icing/frosting like you would use a couple drops of Vanilla EXTRACT. You would also use a teaspoon or a tablespoon in baked goods, also similar to the way Vanilla EXTRACT is used. Both are thin liquids and strong unless diluted or toned down in a finished product. The Butter EXTRACT enhances or adds some butter flavor in recipes. It is not a replacement for butter in a recipe. It is only a flavoring, not an 'ingredient', just like Vanilla Extract or any other EXTRACT is a flavoring.
· October 30, 2017
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You might try Butter & Nut flavoring; it’s an old school Deep South favorite in cakes and frosting...

· April 19, 2018
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I have!!!! It is NOT buttery- very strong chemical taste, ruined the cake the was baking. I would absolutely not recommend this product to anyone, you're better off using the real deal :)
Bon Vivant Cakes
· December 12, 2016
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It tastes like butterscotch :) I paired it with pecans in a scone and someone told me it reminded them of butter pecan ice cream. A big hit!
· September 1, 2017
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I know this question is really old but in case anyone else is wondering the butter extract tastes more like caramel, though i think it's supposed to taste like movie theater butter. The scent is too perfume-y but as long as you don't expect it to actually taste like butter it's okay.
· July 29, 2017
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I just use it in my vanilla frosting to punch up the flavor and it does a wonderful job.
D.D. Fanning
· March 12, 2019
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