Amazon Cash

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Amazon Cash? Amazon Cash lets you add cash to your Amazon Account at over 120,000 participating stores by purchasing and automatically claiming an Gift Card to your Amazon Balance. It’s simple, quick, and there are no fees. Your Amazon Balance can be used to shop for millions of physical products and digital content. Learn more from the Balance and Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

Participating stores will accept Amazon Cash transactions in at least one of the following ways:

Barcode: Ask the cashier to scan your unique barcode and pay any amount between $5 and $500 to add to your Amazon Balance. Your barcode is linked to your Amazon Balance and your funds are immediately available for use. Save or print your barcode prior to visiting a participating store. See how to get quick access to your barcode in question 3 under “Questions about using your barcode”.

Phone number: Tell the cashier your phone number and pay any amount between $5 and $500 to add to your Amazon Balance. If you have already verified your phone number, the transaction will immediately be reflected in your Amazon Balance.

If it is an unverified number, check your receipt for an Gift Card Claim Code that can be redeemed at If you don’t have a claim code on your receipt, verify your phone number here to try again.

2) Why did Amazon create Amazon Cash? We created Amazon Cash because we want to serve all customers, including those who prefer not to use debit or credit cards to shop. At Amazon we strive to give customers choice and are proud to allow customers to shop with the payment of their choice.

3) Does Amazon Cash cost anything to use? No, there are no fees to use Amazon Cash.

4) Where can I add funds to my Amazon Balance using Amazon Cash? You can make an Amazon Cash transaction at any participating store. We have partnered with thousands of stores across the country with more coming soon. A directory of all participating stores can be found here.

5) Are there limits to how much I can add to my Amazon Balance in an Amazon Cash transaction? Yes, you can add any amount between $5 and $500 in a single Amazon Cash transaction. Daily limits also apply and may vary by retailer.

6) Can I make an Amazon Cash transaction using a debit or credit card? Yes, making an Amazon Cash transaction using your debit or credit card works the same way as using cash. At a participating store, specify the amount you want to add to your Amazon Balance, and pay that amount using your credit or debit card.

7) When can I use the funds I've added using Amazon Cash? How will I know when they are ready to use? If using a barcode or a verified phone number, funds are available immediately after the cashier hands you a receipt for your transaction. We will send a confirmation notification to the email address or phone number registered to the account. If you’re using a unverified phone number, you will need to redeem your 15-character code printed on your receipt at before it can be used. At any time, you can also view your Amazon Balance activity under Your Account.

8) Can I use the funds on any Amazon Website? The amount of our Amazon Cash transaction will be added to your Amazon Balance on your local Amazon website. You can use cash in your local currency wherever there are Amazon Cash participating stores, and shop using that currency on your local Amazon website. For example, US customers can only use Amazon Cash in US stores, using US dollars, and shopping on Customers in Mexico can only use Amazon Cash in Mexico stores, using Mexican pesos, and shopping on

9) What is the difference between my Amazon Balance and my Gift Card Balance? Nothing. These are two different names for the same stored value balance you have available for use on

10) Where can I view my Amazon Cash transaction history? Desktop: Go to Your Account, then click on “Gift Cards - View balance or redeem a card”. Mobile phone or Tablet: In the Amazon App, go to Your Account, then click on “Manage Gift Card Balance”.

11) Who should I contact if the funds in my Amazon Account are incorrect or if the funds I added have not appeared in my Amazon Account? Once payment occurs in store, make sure you receive a receipt for the Amazon Cash transaction from the cashier. If your Amazon Cash transaction is not listed on the receipt, please work with the store’s customer service to troubleshoot. If you have a receipt confirming the transaction, but funds have not been loaded into your account within 15 minutes of payment, please check your balance activity on If you are still not seeing your Amazon Cash transaction listed, please keep your receipt safe for record-keeping and contact Amazon Customer Service.

12) How do I get a refund? Amazon Cash transactions are non-refundable, except as required by law. Learn more from the Balance and Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

13) Can I pay for a Prime membership with Amazon Cash? Yes! Now you can pay for Prime using Amazon Cash.

14) I am a retailer who wants to work with Amazon Cash - how can I contact the Amazon Cash team? Please email us with your contact information at

Questions about using your barcode

1) How do I use my barcode? To use your barcode, visit a participating store, show the cashier your barcode to scan, and then pay the amount you want to add to your Amazon Balance.

2) Will I have one barcode for all participating stores? Yes, you will only need one Amazon Cash barcode. Your barcode is linked to your account and can be used every time you want to add Amazon Cash. There is no need to generate a new code each time.

3) How do I get quick access to my Amazon Cash barcode? From the Amazon Cash barcode page in the Amazon App: Android - Select “Add to Home Screen” to create a shortcut on your smartphone’s home screen. iOS - Select “Add to Apple Wallet” to store your Amazon Cash barcode in your smartphone’s digital wallet.

4) What should I do if my barcode won’t scan? If your barcode is not scanning, please make sure your phone’s brightness is set to the highest value and then retry. If you are still having issues with the barcode being scanned, we suggest using our Print-at-Home option which you can access by visiting on a desktop browser and selecting “Get your barcode”. Here you will be given an option to print out your barcode which can be brought into the store for scanning. Additionally, many stores will have the option to add Amazon Cash via your phone number or using a claim code.

Questions about using your phone number

1) How do I use my phone number? To use, visit a participating store, provide your mobile phone number to the cashier or kiosk and specify the amount you want to add. Upon payment, an Gift Card will be automatically purchased and claimed to your Amazon Balance if your number is verified. If your phone number is unverified, select stores will provide you a printed receipt with an Gift Card Claim Code.

To verify your phone number, login to Your Account, and click on “Login and security”, then click on “Add” next to “Mobile Phone Number”, you will be prompted to select a country code from a drop down menu and enter your phone number. A verification code will be sent to you via SMS. Enter the code to confirm that you are in possession of the mobile phone number you are linking to your account. For security purposes, you may have to re-enter your Amazon password. Once this is complete, your mobile phone number will be linked to your account and you can complete Amazon Cash transactions using that phone number.

2) How do I know if my phone number is verified? From the Amazon Cash home page click on the “Confirm your phone number” button. If your phone number is verified, you will be directed to a page with the phone number linked to your Amazon Balance displayed. If your phone number is not verified, no phone number will be displayed and instead you will see a button, “Verify my phone number” on the right-hand side of the page. Click on this button to verify your phone number.