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With Amazon PayCode, you don’t need a debit or credit card to get access to Amazon’s great selection and low prices. Use cash to pay for everyday essentials on Amazon. Pay at your convenience with your PayCode at a location near you. Located outside of the US? Shop globally. Pay locally at a location near you in your home country
Shop on Amazon. Select Pay with cash at checkout
Present your PayCode and a valid ID, and pay with cash
Your order ships to you as soon as you pay. Track order status and receive your purchase

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Simply choose pay with cash at checkout. After you pay, your order will be shipped to your address specified at checkout.

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**COVID 19 Update: Please contact participating location for updated business hours prior to your visit
"Cash payment makes it possible for me to buy and the process is extremely easy, I had a western union a few blocks from me and it took around 5 minutes for me to complete the task"

Antonella Gonzalez

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