These items meet our high bar for being delightful, not demanding.

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Quick and easy to
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Reliable, with automatic software updates

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Loved and highly
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“There's a lot of cool things I'd like to have that I don't want to set up.“

-Amazon customer

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How does a product earn the Certified for Humans badge?

They must meet a number of high standards, including:


It must be Works with Alexa certified or Alexa built-in certified, which means it meets high quality standards and integrates easily with Alexa.


It must comply with established best practices for security.


It must have an excellent customer
rating on


It must feature Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) technology, which can make device setup as easy as opening a box and powering on a device.


It must offer a minimum 90-day manufacturer warranty for both new and refurbished models.


It must support automatic software updates that do not interrupt the customer experience.