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A man at a desk talks to his mom with Drop In on an Echo Show.

Coffee & Cookies with Mom

Buzz N., Bel Air, MD
Knowing that his mother would be lonely after his father passed away, Buzz wanted to find a way to stay connected with her, even if he couldn't be with her every day.

"Whether we are using our Echo devices to talk to one another or asking them questions, my family and I have an incredible amount of fun with our devices. I gave my mother an Echo Show and said, 'Ma, this is going to be your new best friend.'

My work as an engineer takes me all over the state so every morning, I take a few minutes and use the Drop In feature to have coffee with her and sometimes when I get to my office, she will drop in on me. She has become the hit of the office. The Drop In capability is an unparalleled experience and is amazing for older parents who have a hard time answering the phone. With the Echo Show and Drop In, she doesn't have to do anything but say, 'Alexa, drop in on Buzz.' It then becomes Take your mom to work day.

After a bit of learning, my mom now uses the Echo Show and Echo Dots to look up recipes, play music and so much more. We have also installed smart plugs to help her turn lights on and off at night and she uses her devices to play ocean sounds to help her sleep.

Now we tell Alexa to make announcements, where she broadcasts my message to all of the devices in my house as well as my mom's. This is extremely comforting knowing that mom can do this too if she needs us. The other day, I was at my house when my mother, who is several miles away, announced through the devices, 'This is your mother talking...I just made cookies,' and of course we then all went to mom's for cookies. These products have allowed mom to be more independent and lets me stay in touch with her throughout the day, even when I'm at work.

Recently mom fell and was unable to get up. She was able to call out to the device to call me. We love our Echo products and security that they bring in letting me check in on the most important woman in my life (don't tell my wife I said that) and with them being so easy to operate, mom is just a voice command away."

Improving Communication & Providing Independence

Mitush C., Houston, TX
"I have a son who is blind and in 2017 I bought him an Echo device. At that time he was 4 years old and was undergoing his speech therapy. The unplanned introduction of FreeTime on Alexa in his life was amazing as he found a companion who would speak with him from morning to evening. It was also amazing to see a human and an AI interact and learn from each other.

After about a year, I met a person at a party who works along people with disabilities and who had also met my son at the same party. He was amazed by the clarity the kid had in his speech. I mentioned that my son uses FreeTime on Alexa and it's helped. About a year passed before I ran into this man again. He told me that he now uses Alexa with his patients suffering from boredom, loneliness and more. It's worked incredibly with these people.

I am so glad that we live in an age where technology is helping people live their lives more effectively and independently, including people with disabilities. I can already see how Alexa can be used in a smart home setting, eventually helping my son navigate his home with speech in the future. We are all thankful that Amazon came up with Alexa and has improved people's lives."

Helping to Keep Life Organized

Anne M., Baltimore, MD
"I live independently in a senior apartment. About four years ago, I was coming in at night from a family dinner. The lights were out in my apartment. I turned on the front hall light and headed for my bedroom, where there is no overhead light. I would have to walk across my bedroom to turn on a lamp. In the dark, I tripped over my bedroom slippers, of all things, and went crashing to the floor. I didn't break anything, thankfully, and I was able to get myself up, turn on the lamp, and hobble out to the living room. While I did not break my hip, I injured it, and I now have some issues with chronic pain and mobility.

I ordered an Echo Dot and two 'smart' light bulbs the next day. I love technology, and getting it all installed was no problem. Now I can be sitting in my living room and say, 'Alexa, turn on bedroom lights,' and the room is well lit when I go in there. I also eventually acquired an Echo for the living room and another Echo Dot for the kitchen. The living room Echo gets a good workout. It handles those lights for me, reminds me to take a medication at 8pm each day, keeps track of and reminds me of my appointments, and updates me on the morning news. The kitchen Echo Dot doesn't get as much use, but when I set a timer in there, you can bet I will hear it from anywhere in the house. I want to work with coordinating it with my electric teakettle and perhaps also my Instant Pot.

These devices have been very helpful to me. I am shopping for new living room lamps and will only choose those that are compatible with the Echo. I'm also a Spotify fan and love the speaker. In any event, I'm a convert, and I hope more of these will be put into the hands of people who are elderly and differently-abled. It's been a game changer for me."
Two men in a living room eating cake and posing for a photo. Tim (left) received a kidney from his uncle Jerry (right).

Recovering from Surgery

Tim B., Los Angeles, CA
After undergoing a successful kidney transplant surgery, Tim was immobile for a few weeks and quarantined for a few months, with minimal contact with others while he healed. In his own words:

"I had been recently gifted an Echo after my surgery and it was really helpful during my recovery. With Alexa, I was able to easily set alarms for taking medication, manage my doctor's appointments, broadcast messages to my caretaker if I needed help, and stay entertained by playing Jeopardy and other games. Most importantly, I was able to check the scores for international soccer games... all without having to leave my bed and risking my recovery.

The device helped my mom during my recovery too. As a mom and a temporary caregiver, she was actually able to get some sleep knowing that if I needed help in the middle of the night, I'd be able to get in touch with her by using Alexa calling or Drop In, without having to get up or find my phone."
A young boy (Kaden) and his dad (James) sit in a car. Both are looking at the camera and smiling.

A Proud Dad

James B., Lincoln, NE
James' son, Kaden, is a fun-loving kid with cerebral palsy. One of his favorite things is going on car rides. Kaden has found ways to gain independence through technology. In Dad's own words, below.

"Right now, I'm a very satisfied and proud dad. My wife, Michelle, my daughter and I were out at a movie event one night and my son Kaden was home being watched by my wife's mother (we didn't think Kaden would be able to handle the movie night the way it was setup).

About halfway through the movie, my watch buzzed and I see a pic of my Dad entering our front door. I then checked the camera out the front of the house and saw Michelle's mom helping Kaden get his wheelchair out and loaded him up in my dad's car for a ride. Kaden's favorite activity in the world is car rides, it's the only place he is truly comfortable and satisfied. (He and I go on car rides every night, it's what we do).

I thought, hmmm, that's unexpected. So I looked at our Amazon Echo's account online and saw the command, 'Call Grandpa,' in there. This meant that Kaden had used his speaking device to trigger our Echo Show to call my Dad. Then Kaden used his speaking device to ask to 'Go for a ride,' and my dad, being the awesome guy he is, brought his new Mustang GT over and rewarded my son for his request. This was actually, to this point, the most independent action my son has ever had in his lifetime.

A lot of things had to work right for this to happen. The Internet, for one. Our home wireless, the Amazon Echo Show, Kaden's Dynovox speaking device, and the Alexa app on my dad's phone. These various technologies worked together seamlessly to allow a little boy, who cannot walk or talk, who is legally blind, who only has partial control of one finger (his ring finger on this left hand), to be able to call his Grandfather and request a ride in his car, all while the rest of us were at a movie.

Kaden is very lucky to be alive in this time period. I'm very grateful for all of the technology we have today which has such enabling abilities for those who need it. I'm grateful for the Amazon Echo Show, which thank goodness I figured out could be used via voice commands on my son's speaking device to allow him to call others.

My son is unfortunately trapped in a body that doesn't work, it doesn't work hardly at all. But tonight, tonight he knows he earned that ride. He accomplished it all on his own. Just a proud dad here, and thought I would share. It's easy to take stuff for granted in life. It's important to notice the stuff that truly matters."

Calling Her Daughter

Sally L., Ridgecrest, CA
Sally recently went through a tough time when she lost her Bichon after 13.5 years together. When Sally had an accident in her home, she needed to access help by using her voice.

"I was quite sad over the loss of my beloved Bichon and one day, broke down into tears and fell. During my fall, I broke a glass of water and cut my hand pretty badly. When I became aware of my surroundings, I realized I was bleeding and could not get up to reach my phone. Suddenly, I realized I could call my daughter through the Echo. I called out to Alexa, telling her to call my daughter, which she did and my daughter was able to get me help. I will never be without one, and have strongly recommended her to all my single friends."

A Sense of Security

Brenda R., Charlottesville, VA
Brenda went down to her basement to do a quick home repair and didn't think anything of not bringing her phone until she fell off a ladder.

"I didn't think I was going to be in the basement for that long so I didn't bring my phone. I got onto a ladder to check a wire that was going through my kitchen floor into the basement and started to feel lightheaded. I ended up losing my balance and fell from the ladder to the floor. During my fall, my leg was injured. I could barely move and was in so much pain. The scariest part was realizing that no one was home and I probably wouldn't be found until the next day if I couldn't find a way to call for help. I had happened to be playing music on my Echo device earlier in the day and heard it while I was on the floor. I yelled, Alexa, call Mom, and called my mom's Echo. My mom was able to hear me yelling for her from her device and called the EMS to come help me. I'm so glad I had an Alexa device in my home and I think people should know that Alexa does more than just play music or give you a shopping list."

Customer Reviews

Echo (2nd Generation) verified purchases


Echo is great for persons with disabilities!

on June 12, 2019
"Using my Echo is great! I am confined to a bed and using Alexa is very easy. Turing on lights, appliances, making phone calls, and listening to news and music is a snap without physically doing anything. This is a great device!"

i love alexa

on February 27, 2019
"I had been against getting one of these for a long time. However now that I am disabled and don't get around well even in the house my wife though we should get one. I can make phone calls with it. I can ask questions and get answers and play music. So now if I have another fall in the house i can yell out and alexa will call people to come help, and not having to pay a fee to do that is great."

Echo Dot (3rd Generation) verified purchases


Finally something that makes sense!!

on July 11, 2020
"I'm hearing impaired and at night I remove my hearing instruments to the point I can not hear Alexa speaking. Having the network maintained clock on the side is just brilliant!! Amazon, you've outdone yourself again!! Keep up the R&D with hearing and visually impaired folks in mind!!"


on February 18, 2020
"We purchased the Echo Dot for our bedroom. Don't know why we didn't do it sooner. My husband is blind and Alexa helps him. He knows what time it is, listens to his radio shows and can set an alarm using his voice. The music for the alarm can be chosen by you. Also, we can turn off the lights in the rest of the house from the bedroom without walking near where our other Alexa is located. We love Echo and the smart plugs associated with it. Good purchase!"

It's so easy to use.

on January 12, 2020
"I lost most of my hearing in a car accident so even with hearing aides there are still certain pitches and /or words I can't make out. The sound quality for me is excellent. I have no problems understanding when Alexa responds."

Echo Show verified purchases


Best way to keep connected with seniors.

on August 8, 2020
"My elderly mother in law is in a senior living facility that was locked down for months due to Covid. Being isolated in her room with all her routines disrupted and friends unavailable she started having panic attacks and slipped mentally. Being on lockdown we were not able to see her. I purchased this to let us see each other as well as talk. We love the drop in feature where we can connect without her having to get to the device as she is in a wheelchair. The Echo Show 10 has been a life saver."

Echo Show provides more independence for disabled spouse.

on March 4, 2020
"After a series of strokes my husband was unable to answer the door. Echo Show with Alexa, has now allowed him to see who is there and talk to them without leaving his chair. Any independence is welcomed!"

You can see and hear it

on February 20, 2020
"I am totally blind, so being able to tell Alexa what to do is wonderful. I like the fact, we can get videos, tv shows, music, etc. for us to listen to."

Echo Show 8 verified purchase


Very useful for my nearly blind mother.

on January 20, 2020
Great interactive device. Very functional and Easy to use. My nearly blind mother uses one to make calls (she barely has enough vision to see the other person but she is able to make us out), it can read her pill bottles and tell her what they are, read her books and emails. Also great for shopping lists, reminders and reading recipes out-loud."

Fire TV Cube verified purchase


Awesome device for disabled individuals!!

on January 20, 2020
"Purchased as a gift for my father who is in a nursing home and physically can't operate a remote for his TV. The Alexa cube has given him the ability to turn his TV on and off + change channels with his voice."

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