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this is the best pitcher i have ever seen on my TV and i had them all and this is free

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Nice little TV box, I was amazed by the quality of the HD channels and the amount of channels it lets you view. You can record TV channels and save them on a USB drive to watch them later, which is very convenient for me since I'm busy during the day.…

10 others also recommend for TVs

…I use it to record TV shows and there have been no problems. …I highly recommend View TV!

10 others also recommend for TVs

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Worked with really old casio handheld tv

I bought this to use with a VERY old casio handheld tv and it works great!

Perfect got rid of cable with this puppy in a ...

Perfect got rid of cable with this puppy in a guest room that has an old (non digital) TV. Only gave me 10 channels but good enough for a tv that gets used 4x a year.

Five Stars

easy to install, love on both tvs it is hooked up to...

Will it works with dish network or direct tv?

Connect antenna to tv... thats all you need for a new tv... the box for a old tv...

Will it work with a nonhdmi tv?

Yes it will work on a non hdmi tv. In fact I am using it on an old television in another bedroom in my house.

Excellent to watch TV

Love it

Works Great on Older Analog TV!

Works great on my old analog TV. Pulling in about 20 digital local channels over the air and able to use my TV again without having to rent an additional converter box from the cable company.…

works great!

This little box solved my problem and I got my antenna TV channels to add to cable TV, works great!

does this work on an old analog tv?

Yes I just installed it on an analog tv. It works great. I did however upgrade to a larger tv antenna to pick up a couple more channels. The antenna that is supplied works ok if you're near the broadcasting city. I'm about 30 miles away so I went with a larger amplified antenna and get crystal clear picture. Also the DVR function is a nice feature.

I have a LG tv from 2001 will this bring in channels

It definitely should work; my tv is form the eighties!

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free tv

this is the best pitcher i have ever seen on my TV and i had them all and this is free

Finally can watch TV!

Well we are finally able to get the channels from the box we have, my husband purchased this Mediasonic HW- 150 PVR to help us be able to do that. I really don't know much about them except we have an antina but out would not pick up the channels, & he said we needed this. Well it works great and has helped greatly.

Nice little TV box

Very nice box, plays even Mkv and other movie files that you feed to it on a USB stick. Records in good quality and the interface is fairly nice as well. No issues whatsoever and would highly recommend!

Does this tv tuner work with Visio tv?

It works with my LG Smart TV.

will it play recordings back on the TV

Yes it will play back saved recordings on the TV.

Free TV

Works well for it's purpose. Haven't tried any other product to compare to. In Tucson I can only get a few channels but maybe in a larger city it would work well. Better than paying for crappy cable shows of repeated reality garbage.

Love this Digital tv tuner

Love this Digital tv tuner.…


good box to watch tv on and to record pull thanks

DOes it work on old tvs only?

No it will work with any TV. I have been using it with our High Definition TV and it has an awesome HD picture.

Can this record programs with TV off?

Yes. The TV only allows you to see what the Mediasonic PVR is doing. In fact, if you have a modern TV, you can watch one channel on the TV while recording on the PVR.

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Great reception!

I bought this to record antenna tv and it works great.…

Works superb as TV converter box

I have tested this converter box and works as expected. It was able to catch multiple free channels same as connecting antenna. Also I connected the antenna in input to this box and output (AV) cable to the television just for the sake of test. To my surprise the picture of channels were still clear and crisp. So I trust this device for local channels and will cable subscription for local channels.

Five Stars

Very Nice Product, you can not easily use Android TV without this.

Hello dose it works with samsung smart tv ?

I have not used it with a Samsung Smart TV. I use it for an android box connected to LG Smart TV and it works great.

Does this pvr record tv shows in HD?

yes, and i must say the picture is beautiful!! You need to supply your own USB drive.

Four Stars

Excellent tool for TV box.

does the job

…reading other reviews indicated that it comes with default for cable not over the air so needed to reset that and then it worked fine - recording seems pretty straightforward -i used a previously purchased firelite accessory hard drive in my case the tuner picked up most stations but there were two that tv picked up from antenna and box did not pick up well so I purchased a splitter for coaxial antenna cable so I can hook it to tv antenna input and leelbox antenna input - this solved the problem no complaints for 29$ - i quit cable tv - spent less than 100$ for antenna , firestick and this recorder and saving over 100$ per month even with adding hulu and disney +( lots of grandkids )

A must have product if you own a andriod tv device.

I like it a lot just wish I knew how to navigate using it like I see everyone on the YouTube videos do. It works flawless with time I will be a pro using it. I can say it is better using this keyboard instead of the remote on a lot of things when using the leelbox.

How do I get it to record a tv show when I am not home?

Bring up the program guide. Scroll down to the future program you want and hit o.k. the event add screen appears. Check it out good and then at the bottom change mode from view to record with right volume. Hit o.k. and exit out of all menus. Turn box off then.

What is the range? Will this work at a distance of 10 feet?

If I'm not mistaken, yes. It will work at ten feet eventhough if u want it for a box on ur tv, u won't have to worry about 10 feet.

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Nice little TV box

Nice little TV box, I was amazed by the quality of the HD channels and the amount of channels it lets you view. You can record TV channels and save them on a USB drive to watch them later, which is very convenient for me since I'm busy during the day.…

No more cable TV bills

We have a Vizio HDTV without a tuner. This small digital converter box did the trick. We had a little difficulty getting the HDMI cable securely into the box, but once the HDTV antennae (sold separately) is attached to the box, we got many HD quality channels without having to pay for cable. Well worth the money and effort.

If you alot of antenna tv this is product.

I added a long range antenna to this box and was able to pick up 54 channels. I had a different box and only picked 5. I like this product and its worth the purchase.

Bought a new tv, doesn’t have coaxle. for me to watch my cable tv. my bldg has cable via coaxle. is this what i need?

I got nothing on the tv running my cable service through the digital converter box. Hope that helps you.

Is this good to use for channels like Me tv?


You can connect with your tv HDMI

Works great

Offer a good product that was quite affordable

Easy installation is converting my antenna signal for hdmi with good picture am quite satisfied with it am very likely to buy another to install to another TV in home

I like it.

This device is just fine I have connected with the hdmi jack to my Samsung TV and the reason I bought it is because I really want to record my favorite program to watch them again , when I connected and started to search the live channels I got suprised because it didn’t take long vs my TV search.…

My analog tv only has the round coax. Will this unit operate with that?

Dear buyer Thanks for your question. Yes, you can hook it up with coaxial connector on back of TV box.

Simple and easy to use

Used this on an older TV, perfect picture and a surprising number of channels received here in the Detroit area.

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View TV is a great prouct!

…I use it to record TV shows and there have been no problems. …I highly recommend View TV!

TV box

Good support, quick shipment easy to install.

Boost your TV experience.

These gadgets are great! I got it to skip commercials and, it does that well. It also allows me to record programs when I'm sleeping and watch what I want, when I want, (like a TIVO). The quality good, the remote quality is good. Some USB devices aren't recognized, like my USB ATA harddisk but, a 64GB SD card works fine.…

Can this be used to wirelessly transmit an antenna tv signal from one tv to another?

Connect it to a Slingbox500.(If you can get one)... then using your WiFi and another tv with either a firestick, chromecast, Apple TV, you are in business

I have an old sharp crt tv model number 25f-m100. would this converter box work with my ancient tv?

If your TV has an antenna lead and video component leads, you should be able to plug in your converter box and go. It comes with those cables. Even better picture quality if your TV has an HDTV lead.

TV Tuner Works Great for Me

…Also, I live in what is called a fringe area about 65 miles from the TV stations. I use a roof mounted antenna and this pulls in the stations as well or better than our previous TV.... Overall, I would say this unit is very well built and does the job of bringing in distant TV station in HD very well. I would recommend it for anyone who requires a tuner for a big-screen TV.…

Save $1200 a year

Im very impressed with the product and how well it works I get 30 free tv channels I can now say goodbye to satellite tv I'm saving $1200 a year I live 90 miles away from the tv stations

View TV converter

it works well

I have a older tv and i have wow a cable provider would this box work to let me watch tv or no

It works as a digital tuner if your TV doesn't have one. The antenna in it isn't very strong I had to buy an additional small outdoor antenna but now pickup over 60 channels with the combo.

Do you use channel 3 on your tv and then the remote is used for TV functions and does it save the scanned channels.

It works just like any other converter box I've used in the past. It saves scanned channels unless the signal becomes weak for individual channels. Channel 3 is used for analog out. the remote is used to change channels in addition can mute sound and control volume. Your TV remote turns your TV on and selects input source.


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Great device for the price

Nice and small pickup a lot of tv stations!

very good ! I just bought another!

The product works very well including the recording function. i bought a different tv converter box,from amazon a few months back,it was total garbage! This one works very well,as title of the review states,i was so pleased i just bought another for an older console tv,that still plays beautifully. The picture quality is excellent,and all tv and even some radio come in very well!…

Works better than expected

Worked better than expected on a old big screen TV

Have dish tv cable from reciever box is it posible to view tv?

Hello friend, Thanks for your interest. This converter box is for receiving the Over-The-Air signal but not a replacement of cable box and it needs to connect to External Antenna to receive signal. Hope this answer can help you. Eva

Does this require an external drive to record tv shows, or does it have internal recording capacity?

Hello friend Thanks for your interest. Digital TV adapter Play back your favorite photo, music, and video from your USB Flash Drive or USB external hard drive. Support avi. mpg, .dat, .vob, .div, .mov, .mkv, .jpeg, .ts etc Record and Pause Live TV: Digital TV recorder supports DVR function for instant real-time recording and scheduled recording of selected TV channel programs and saves recording into connected USB drive for playback later. Pause live TV so you never miss a moment of your favorite show. Hope this answer can help you.



Record live TV

Even though my TV is already digital, I bought this to record tv shows and it does that well. You can record off of live TV and play it back through your computer or TV or smart TV.

More than satisfied!!!

…Honestly, I don’t watch tv that much anymore since i have a baby to take care of, paying the monthly payment for time warner cable was such a waste of my money. I love how digital converter box is one time payment so i get to watch so many different channels without paying for the cable tv.…Also, i can record different channel while im watching tv so i can watch it later whenever i want to!…

Can i record an ota hd tv show while i also at the same time watch another tv show on a different channel?

Yes you can.read cable box install book

I only want this box to convert coax to hdmi. Will it convert without any programming?

This will become your channel selector/tuner for your TV it will also adjust your volume. If you are looking for it to just covert the digital signal and you use your TV's remote it will not do that, at least it did not on my Samsung TV.