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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 16, 2022
I hate to leave a negative review but this chair is genuinely so uncomfortable. I seriously wish I didn't pretend it was comfortable and returned it instead. I have been suffering with it for 6 months now.

Mind that it might not be universally uncomfortable. My apologies for the awful review if others disagree, but I hate sitting on this chair.

The "seat" part (where butt and thighs sit) is far too long for the length of my thighs. And I'm probably the most average sized female out there. The length of the seat would mean either: 1. I sit correctly with my butt and back right up against the backrest, but my knees are unable to fold, or 2. I sit incorrectly with my butt and back spaced far away from the backrest so that my knees are able to bend. Option 1 leads to me having to sit with my legs folded up, which, regardless of my exact position, results in incorrect posture and back pain. Option 2 leads to me sitting in a very, very bad posture which cannot be good for my lower spine at all.

Now, this may very well be a unique "me" problem. Just be aware that the seat part is very large, much more so than an average name-brand gaming chair.

The cushiony, plush, soft, cloud-like expectation based on the images provided is all but a sad lie. The chair is stiff--it's like a weird stiff though. It isn't lacking padding, more so that there is TOO much padding stuffed inside a rough leather fabric. The material it is covered in is stiff and hard, though not rough but smooth. It's not an ideal feeling to be in contact with it; bare thighs stick on it like sitting on a plastic chair on a spring day. In other words, it is not breathable whatsoever-- seems like an irrelevant aspect on a typical gaming chair, but in this case, this causes the "padding" to feel stiff like car tire. So then this massive padding is also on each arm rest, meaning that my chair does not comfortably tuck under my desk. It does not go any lower, and I have a standard Ikea desk. The pillows are stiff as rocks. I don't know how I'm expected to sit on this thing, like am I doing something wrong? The pillow and back pillow forcibly protrude my head and lower back forwards--it's like the chair wants me to curve just the middle of my back backwards. And if I'm just supposed to sit straight up 90 degrees with no support for comfort, then I might as well sit on a well cushioned backless stool? While playing an intense match?

Basically, nothing about this chair is cozy or comfy at all. I literally think that I have unconscious avoidance of this chair because it's so uncozy and the thought of running a good old gaming night sounds less appealing because this chair is in the image. Pros, I've started gaming less. Cons, I've started studying less.

"Shouldn't you have noticed the lack of comfort earlier? Why didn't you return it?" you may ask. I've been using it for the last 6 months, after all. Yes, I did notice the lack of comfort the first time I sat down in it. The big smile of excitement on my face humbled down instantly the moment I took seat. But I thought that maybe all gaming chairs were uncomfortable and it was a "beauty is pain" type scenario. Well, quickly the face of disappointment and discomfort became a common occasion as I consciously had to readjust my sitting every 5 minutes and even brainstorm sitting positions; with a normal office chair, all I did was sit and sitting wasn't even in my thoughts. But I was so excited to buy a cool gaming chair, finally, I was able to save up for a big buy. I decided to be ignorant to my discomfort and subconsciously started placing pillows in different areas, sitting on a blanket, and adjusting my monitor to minimize the pain. It's not bad with these adaptations. But I still wish I returned it.

What made me finally admit the discomfort? My boyfriend's gaming chair. His chair looks so pleasant and sleek, while my chair looks so fat and chunky. His chair feels so good and soft on my skin, my chair feels so sweat-sticky and awful. His chair feels flexible, and reclines to allow you into the position you want to rest in. My chair doesn't, it doesn't feel "springy" but feels like a hard, bone crashing stop when I put any velocity towards the backrest. Like I actually crave to sit in his chair, and I truly wish I could feel that way towards my chair. His is a big name brand gaming chair I wont specify, but the most basic racing gaming chair out there. At almost half the price of this chair, it is infinitely more comfortable. I can't afford another chair, but even if I could, I'd feel so guilty replacing it.
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