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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2018
I am trying to get this installed on my 2.4G network with other amazon alexa devices, kindles, HP printers, Samsung phone, etc. Lots of problems. TP-links phone support is as bad as it gets. They don't know their own product - for example they told me to press the restart button on top the plug - there is no button there - the manual says there is an on-off button on the right side of plug. Of course that is what they mean. You have to install a unique app Kasa and register on your smartphone. Problems there. The tech support person of course blames my network, my router, everything else. Then he (Oscar) says he will send me a youtube video link with more detailed instructions and to call back if more questions. I asked to speak to a native English speaker or supervisor since clearly there was a communication problem between us. Not an option. His sole objective seemed to be to "get me off the phone" so he must have an objective to meet - e.g. get rid of a caller after 10 minutes. I told him there would be no further phone calls, if I couldn't get it to work after the one long phone call and the video, it would be returned.
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