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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021
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 I purchased the Armoray sleeves after another skin cancer surgery, having had melanoma and several basal cell cancers since my 20s. I hate the feeling and chemicals in sunscreen, so I no longer wear chemical sunscreens. I also have sensitive skin, so I appreciate the silky, high quality 98% cotton and 7% spandex material that provides UPF 50 protection for the Armoray sleeves. A thumbhole model is also available for outdoor use. I purchased the regular model for my daily work with children and the frequent hand washing that is involved (including pre-Covid).

The Armoray arm sleeves are beautifully made. They are soft, breathable, and very stretchy. I was initially concerned that the sleeves may be uncomfortable on my large upper arms, but they fit both my much more muscular husband’s and my arms equally well—and they return to size for the next usage. Easy on, easy off.

The Armoray upper and lower cuffs are beautifully finished with soft, flat, flexible stitching. They stay comfortably in place during a variety of activities without binding or leaving red marks. The sleeves are easily washed by hand or in a mesh bag in the washer, then hung up to dry.

From the perspective of an occupational therapist, the slight compression feels like a gentle hug that also improves body awareness. They actually have a slight cooling feel to them, which I love. I appreciate that the Armoray sleeves come in a variety of solid colors, as well as camouflage and ink designs—something for everyone. They can cover up arm tattoos for some workplaces, and likewise can make grannies like me who work with children look more current with the ink design sleeves.

I highly recommend them!
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