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Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2020
Our LO is 1 year old and we’ve had these for about two months. I recommend having your LO use these under your supervision as I’ve found our LO putting herself in position that could cause big owies if we weren’t there. She’s getting to a point now where we are less worried because she’s very familiar with them and how to climb on and off.

They’ve been great for her exploring other ways of navigating her surroundings. They’ve also been great for her practicing pulling herself up and standing in general. Usually I put them on the wall and put a couple safe objects on top so she has motivation to pull herself up and stand. Overall they are a good product if you’re willing to fork out the kinda high price tag for these items.

My only complaint, hence the 4 stars, is that they seem to not stay put on any sort of material. I’ve tried them on carpet, hardwood floor, on top of a big play mat that we already had, those tile pieces that go together and create a little cushion for you LO to play on, etc... I dunno. Maybe someone else has figured it out, but we have not so it’s a big annoying how they move so easily. We have these body pillows that I use as a border when they are out together, flat, on the ground to kind of help hold the configuration together.

Would we buy again, hindsight? Probably not. I don’t really have regrets in this purchase, but I feel like there are cheaper options that may work better. Hope this helps!
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