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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2021
As a web developer, I'm at my computer all day with lots of keyboard and mouse use. Using my Apple Magic mouse was really beginning to take a toll on my hand and wrist, exacerbating the arthritis I already have. It was causing severe pain after just a few hours each day.

First, I bought the Magic Grips for the Apple Magic mouse and it helped quite a bit. . . for a while. But then, it stopped helping and my pain was back.

When my Apple Magic keyboard died a few years ago, I got the Logitech K480 keyboard which I absolutely love and had seen ads for the MX Master 3 Mouse. Since I use 2 computers, having something that can connect easily to both was a huge bonus.

So, when the price on this dropped, right about the time I bought the new 24" iMac a few months ago, I decided to go ahead and grab it as well.

I'm so glad I did!!

This mouse has been a godsend! I still have a little bit of pain now and then but nowhere near as much as I had previously with the Magic Mouse. The Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Bluetooth Mouse for Mac is amazing! I can even use mouse gestures with it like with the Magic Mouse (though that did take some getting used to).

It fits my hand comfortably, I can use my mouse all day without stress, with only minimal pain now and then, and I can quickly switch back and forth between my computers with the switch of a button. I'll take that over severe pain any day!

AND, bonus. . . the battery life on this thing is awesome! I only have to charge it about once a month. Plus, it can still be used while it's charging, which is really nice. My Magic Mouse is an older one that requires batteries and sometimes, I had to replace the batteries every few weeks.

My *only* gripe with this mouse is the switch to change from one device to another is on the bottom. What the heck, Logitech? It's not very practical and would be a vast improvement if it were in a better location.

Overall, I'm happy with the mouse and definitely recommend it if you're wanting an ergonomic, rechargable, multi-device capable mouse.
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