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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 4, 2021
As a dark skin-woman, this show pisses me off.

Dark-skin women are depicted as loud, aggressive, overly sexualized, and uncouth when in reality, this is sooooo far from the truth.

This show is very disappointing. It is difficult to watch the beautiful chocolate actress be cast in such a stereotypical light and they even failed to glam her up. Hollywood really want people to have a negative and nasty image of dark skin black women and I am sick of it. Honestly, this is my first time writing an amazon prime review and I just have to say the 1st episode was downhill with the stereotypes. Dark skin women deserve to be cast as beautiful, charming, feminine, witty too but in Hollywood they they really want America thinking less of black women. This show is disappointing. Also, in full candor, knowing that this is an Amazon production makes me question the entire Amazon team. If this is indicative of how Amazon views black women, we should not support the platform. They shows are designed to set us back.
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