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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2021
Edit: after I posted my review I discovered that this was burning my lungs. Im going to try to get my money back. I cant use it in my house again.

I had to buy this because I discovered that my brand new expensive pet rug shampooer broke when I needed it the most. I stepped on a wet spot in one of my guest bedrooms while changing the bedding after my Christmas guests left. I pulled out my handy peepee flashlight and low and behold the room had been used as a doggie pee pad. They have one dog and we have 2 small dogs who get excited peepees when visitors arrive. So Im not sure who the culprit was. But there were 11 or 12 big round pee spots and the smell in the room was less than clean. Since my carpet shampooer was new, it was replaced under warranty, but that took a week for it to arrive. Meanwhile, appears that urine is a lot like the house guests,....they both begin to smell after 3 days. So I found this spray and it has a lot of good reviews, so I ordered it to get a head start on breaking down these proteins.

Now to start with,....My carpet is kind of pee camo colored. A three year old beige frieze with flecks (highly recommended for people with pets). So there were not visible stains to the naked eye. It only showed up with my peepee flashlight. I sprayed all the spots three different times,....being very generous and even working it in. The smell went away and was replaced with a better scent. However, the spots still showed up with the peepee flashlight.

So then the shampooer arrived and I immediately took it to task,.....I shampooed the entire room using the supplied factory pet shampoo and I even went over it with water to be sure to give it a good rinse. I could tell that I was pulling up more soap in the areas I had sprayed with this stuff days before. Now,....The room had a much fresher and less chemical scent and the spots were much more faded when viewed using the peepee flashlight. So maybe this aided in breaking down those proteins. It definitely did a good job of removing the odor. The scent of the carpet shampoo is much more pleasant than the stronger scent of this spray.

So my take on this is that if you live in a rental and you have odor issues (or you have a small house and cant afford or have room for a shampooer),....this will remove the odor. It may even remove some visible stains,....however,....the proteins didn’t seem to break down as I was still able to view them with the peepee flashlight.
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