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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2018
Let's talk about those directions... Pictures only. MAKE SURE you study the picture and you're doing it correctly. I struggled with the base for 30 mins before realizing you need to put the front in first, then slam the back in. I'm not strong, at all, but managed to do this effortlessly once I actually attempted it "the correct way". We didn't receive red caps to go over the pins like others and like the picture?? But to me that's just a choking hazzard so we didn't bother calling for the parts.
A little annoyed that the very day after we got the slide, the price went down $14. Back and forth, like other items on Amazon we've ordered. (One of the reasons canceling prime- we need to stop this madness).
So back to the slide; it's a great way for kids to release their energy on the days it's too cold for the park. Daughter just turned 2 and loves it..plays for an hour at a time on it.
We put a pillow at the bottom bc it is, surprisingly, 4 inches off the ground and it seemed like the drop would hurt her bum, esp at the speed (it's steep).
Base sticks out about 8 to 10 inches on each side, so be sure to have ample space.
All in all, if you can keep your patience and persistence, the slide is well worth it and pays off in the end.

*Important: a lot of people are complaining of missing parts; they're not missing, they're taped to the inside of the box, so be sure to look there.
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