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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2021
I bought four of these to give me dedicated circuit energy monitoring in conjunction with my Sense energy monitor. I was so impressed I bought four more and it is likely that I will buy a few more sometime in the future.

For some reason the vampire loads in my house have doubled over the last year since I installed the Sense energy monitor. I will be using these to help me figure out why. What I am learning is that Sense is not doing as good a job as I would like in identifying the signature of most of the loads in my house.

I would really prefer devices with just power monitoring capabilities without the on/off control. I’m a little concerned that the one I put on my freezer might get accidentally turned off. I am basically using these to replace my Kill-a-Watt power monitors that I was using.

I was concerned about the fact that they are WiFi devices rather than Zigbee or Z Wave because these are the first WiFi automation devices I’ve ever used. Now that I am using them I feel better about it but getting them set up seems a little flakey. The app didn’t work right on the first one but I figured out how to make it work. After the first one the next three went as expected but the following three basically connected themselves to the network before I could do it with the app. The eighth one connected itself also but instead of connecting to the same networks as the rest it connected to our business network which has a different SSID. Both networks are using WPA security.

I’m disappointed that SmartThings does not recognize the energy monitor feature of these outlets and I am disappointed that there aren’t more switches and outlet types with power monitoring that Sense can recognize. I am very thankful that these exist.
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