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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2020
Purchased this in July 2020 to use for my espresso machine (auto on/off) and had a couple requirements - low profile and 15 Amp. I combined this smart plug with (Cable Matters 3-Pack Grounded Power Cube 3 Outlet Adapter) and used the side outlet to keep the setup low profile as it was plugged in behind a coffee cabinet/buffet and didn't want it sticking out out very far.

Setup was pretty easy as was the Alexa integration ( need to add Consciot skill). As for the security concerns in other reviews - all smart plugs that I've used (Eufy, Kasa, etc) need the Wifi access for integration.

Given the cost of these vs the 2 /3 pack Kasa devices, if i didn't have a particular use case for the slightly smaller size and 15A of the Consciot - I'd probably go with the Kasas.
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