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Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2017
Sigh.. This is a poorly designed slide. The plastic "rock wall" is extremely slippery, and the rock part is not big enough to securely support baby's foot. It makes very difficult for my 13 month old boy to climb up, because his feet keeps slip right off the rock. He is usually a very good climber with other gym toys. I wish it was steps or ladder type, instead of this stupid rock wall. The rock part is not even symmetrical. Rocks on right side is bigger than the one on the left. For that reason, my son's right foot doesn't slip that much, but his left foot always all the time slips off. I just cannot let him climb on his own, because it is dangerous! I bought this to enhance my boy's gross motor skill, but it seems like I always have to help him climb up by supporting his feet and legs, otherwise he would fall! Also, the slide.... Slide is very steep. Overall I am very disappointed.
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