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Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2020
I'm sooooo glad I only paid $30 for great bluetooth earbuds. These Kurdene Wireless earbuds sound really good. I adjust the sound using my EQ on my phone or table for calls, workouts, music, videos and they sound great.
I used them while mowing the lawn, working out, phone calls, and to watch movies on my tablet. Once I had them in my ears they blocked out almost all the outside noise. They really drowned out the noise made while mowing the lawn. I didn't have to have them at full volume to have them block out the outside noise. Also when I use them indoors or while working out I don't get any outside interference. That is why I consider them kind of noise-cancelling earbuds. They were so easy to setup with my Samsung phone and my Samsung tablet. When I used them on my bike that I have set up on a fluid trainer and got a good sweat going, they stayed put with no problem. Also I like how they automatically pair up as soon as I take them out of the case and turn off once I put them back into the case. When I use them with my tablet to watch videos I am able to keep the volume low and not have to worry about them being loud so it can be heard by anyone around me. They also work good for making calls because the mic picks up m voice and the people I talk to can hear me clearly. I've had other bluetooth earbuds that would have spotty connection if the phone was just a few feet away - THESE KEEP A GREAT CONNECTION.
The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was because the touch function is very delicate and will activate with minimal touch (that can be a good thing too). Also the case is very smooth so it can be slippery when trying to open it. Not really a bid deal but it does bug just a bit.
But they do what you need them to do... Stay put and not get loose while using them, sound great for any function you put them to, excellent battery life to use them for hours, a case that can charge them up over and over so that you can use them over and over before having to remember to charge the case, and not break the bank to get bluetooth earbuds that look great and sound awesome. The rating is really more like a 4.5 stars.
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