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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2021
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 I was originally planning on purchasing the Phillips Hue set up but obviously with a $500 price tag I started looking for alternatives. I am glad I did because I came across these Govee lights on Tik Tok of all places and as I researched I saw all the good reviews and decided to give them a shot (I purchased the newer model H6199 with the 1080p camera and 114 LED's). Right off the bat I noticed that for the most part they were of high quality build and the physical set up was a breeze. I have a 65 inch TV mounted on the wall and after some quick measurements I was able to set up the lights easy peezy in about 20 minutes. However, the most time consuming part was the calibrating which took about 1-1.5 hours. At first the lights were having trouble showing the greens and yellows when multiple colors were on the screen. I turned the saturation down to about 10% and selected the "Part" option on the app so the lights moved more accurately with what was on the screen and then just kept adjusting the camera and re-calibrating. I used a govee calibration screen I found on youtube and also a video of those fluid color hue tests (video attached) to test the colors individually. After moving the camera about 3-4 times I noticed the performance increased when you were able to get more of the screen to fit on the camera calibration at less of a "sharp" angle so I tilted the camera even more towards to screen. After this they worked with about 90-95% accuracy and I absolutely love them! For such a price difference there is no way you can go wrong and I am already considering buying a few more sets for my other TV's. Govee if you ever need another product tester for your new products I am your guy!
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