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Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2021
I am a Professional Home and Personal Chef and I also teach cooking skills. I take all of my kitchen items, tools, utensils, knives, serving items and other accessories very seriously and when I test and review culinary items, I am highly critical and meticulous in evaluating and rating them. My reviews are honest and unbiased. Good is good…bad is bad!

Recently, I decided to go on the Keto Diet that requires very minimal daily carbohydrates...usually limited to 50g/day to properly put your body into Ketosis. As a Chef, this is a challenge to come up with culinary creations that are low carb, yet delicious and filling.

This excellent Organic Coconut Flour has been a true saviour for me! I have experimented with many recipes that I have converted from wheat flour use to this flour with great and tasty results...all while keeping the carb load well below ketosis levels.

Easy to work with and finely milled, it absorbs liquid much more than other flours, so you must adjust and experiment to find the right ratio to use, but in the end, it is soooo satisfying to be able to make great food and yet still maintain that low carb level! It is also completely Gluten Free.

The flour shows 8g carbs per serving, but actually has a MUCH lower NET carb load due to the fiber load that offsets basic carbs. That means the carbs are not fully used by your body and pass through appropriately.

Great floor and superb brand. This one gets my FIVE STAR rating and a hearty recommendation. Great value price on Amazon and cheaper than Almond Flour. Bon Appetit...and good health to you!

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