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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 26, 2020
When I first bought this product and set it up, everything was working pretty well. My speed test was 110mbs and the WiFi and wired connection was great. Then I tried to download a file. A 250mb file took me 15 minutes to download on a wired connection. If you don't know, apparently TP-Link products come with HomeCare. HomeCare allows you to control 3 different aspects of your router: AntiVirus, Parental Controls, and QoS (Quality of Service). So the problem was that my QoS settings were throttling the download speeds. Even after increasing the bandwidth, I was still told to prioritize my computer to certain times because the files were still taking 10 minutes to download. The only way to change that is to download the app (Tether) on your phone, then subscribe to HomeCare. Then you can change your settings so that nothing is being throttled. Unfortunately after the first month, you are then locked out of your settings and can no longer change the priorities of what is being used unless you continue your subscription for $5 per month ($60 per year). So essentially after you buy this router, you have to pay every month to ensure that it actually doesn't continue throttling the data coming through. I can't get rid of this thing (and TP-Link's unethical business practices) fast enough!
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