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Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2021
I've bought hundreds of items from Amazon and have only only written a handful of reviews. I spend hours of research on items I will be using a lot and won't settle for "good enough" because one, I hate returning items to amazon (even though they have an awesome return policy) and two, I get pissed when I make a wrong choice on an item after spending hours researching.

I have owned many mice in my life ranging from high end ultra expensive, to bargain bin throw away mice and everything in between. This mouse ranks up there as one of the best values for the money, here are my reasons why:

-No RGB unless charging (only minor glow on mouse wheel). I hate RGB on a mouse, If you NEED RGB than this mouse isn't for you.

-I have medium sized male hands and this mouse fits me perfectly, I believe if you have very large hands, it might feel small but your mileage may vary depending on how you hold your mouse.

-For a mouse under $20, it doesn't feel cheap, granted it's not ultra premium feeling but DOES feel good in my hand. I think this mouse is perfect for daily productivity use and non professional gaming.

-I like the silent clicks, I have a very loud "gaming" mouse and it's really annoying. Movement, scroll wheel is really smooth and everything synced, worked properly out of the box (I used included USB dongle).

Only Con: Uses micro USB for charging instead of USB C but I can live with that.

In conclusion: There are dozens or more mice on Amazon around this price range but I don't believe for the money, you probably won't find a better mouse that is wireless, nice looking and feels well made. In the era of overpriced mice with functionality you don't need/ will never use , I found the perfect mouse for my needs.

This review is an initial first impression, I will update if anything changes after prolonged use.
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