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Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2020
1 of 2 stopped working a week later. I placed two step lights in identical locations, same amount of sun, topped off to around 95% each day, which was great. Triggering other ring devices worked perfectly too. The first week I was benchmarking them to get a sense of sun exposure, light brightness, and motion detection range.

I really wanted to like these, and was planning on buying several more, but at a 50% failure rate, I cannot recommend these due to the clear issue of quality control. One of the units does not power on at all, does not charge, even though the other was treated the same way.

Ring support is no help - they suggested I try things that clearly were unrelated to the issue (like leaving the area?!). Not weather related as we have had no rain since purchase, no damage to the housing, no clues at all, so it must be a manufacturing defect.

I am very disappointed in both this product and Ring support. Hopefully there is a second generation in the works that is a bit more reliable, as this let me down (and home security) when it was needed.
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