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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 16, 2021
This is my second pair of Tozo T12 earbuds. I got the first pair for my husband, who was tired of me taking his all the time, so I ordered my own pair. Ten months out of the year we deal with horrific noise from obnoxious people (illegal fireworks, illegally modified exhausts that sound like fireworks), and spring through fall is the worst. I suffer from severe stress because of this and now have PTSD symptoms, and as the town/state/federal government refuse to do anything about the worsening quality of life issues, headphones and earbuds on all night are the only solution short of moving to the middle of nowhere.
The Tozo T12s are reliable, have great battery life, and I love the charging/storage case which not only keeps them safe, but there is a digital readout that lets you know the battery percentage. I have super tiny ear canals, and the smallest earpieces in the set of 6 fit me perfectly. The earbuds come with a standard size earpiece already on them, and then there’s a case with 5 other sizes included in the box.
Great product at an extremely reasonable price, and they were delivered by Amazon the day after I ordered.
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