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Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2021
Having gotten so use to ordering my drinks from Starbucks, I did the math and realized that in buying an espresso machine, in 6 weeks, it pays for itself. Having my espresso maker/beans, and oat milk, my oat component missing to make Starbucks comparative drinks was a proper syrup.

I’m not one for incrediblysweet drinks and consume sugar that often (the occasional dessert going out for dinner) so I didn’t want a regular sweetener. Then again, having tried sugar free syrups there’s always that slight aftertaste. You know what I’m talking about. Yet, I took a leap of fair and have been happily rewarded.

The syrup is rather light. Before trying it in my coffee, I took a quick sip. The cinnamon comes through and the syrup adds the sweetness necessary to create a revival cup of coffee to any gourmet coffee shop. I don’t detect an artificial or aftertaste and it has been the desired flavor (even more than I had originally expected) that I was looking for.

If I had to point out one thing, it would be that unlike the coffee shops, this bottle does not have the squirt top that you may be familiar with. Instead you have to eyeball it and figure out what your personal pour amount. Start off by just adding a dash and going up. I started with wayy too much and my drink was too sweet (even with a sugar free syrup). This is me nitpicking, but really isn’t a problem. Great product and I even subscribed for the one a month option, something I had not done in my years on here. Highly recommend!
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