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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 24, 2022
I’ve been using one of the original Logitech Wave ergonomic keyboard and mouse combos for years. Loved the functionality and comfort of both. However, the keys weren’t working so well anymore and since it was old school tech, it was pretty noise when on calls. Decided to stick with Logitech and got both, the MX series keyboard and the mouse.

Design & Ergonomics:
The shape of mouse gives is an advanced and modern look to it. Metallic gray plastic mixed with matte black with sculpted lines add to the visual appeal. The bright silver metal scroll knobs stand out in contrast to the body.
For my hand, it is very comfortable and my palm is supported by the shape of the mouse. The thumb rest are is helpful (since my previous mouse didn’t have one) so that my thumb can actually rest on the mouse, instead of older style mice where you are using the thumb pad and ring finger/pinky to actually hold the mouse. The whole design allows you to keep your hand relaxed and move it, your wrist and forearm as a unit reducing stress.
Buttons are within easy reach of thumb or index finger. Most of the buttons and scroll knobs have the right amount of resistance so that you know that you are actuating a click or roll with out exerting a lot of pressure. The exception are the page forward/back buttons. These are stiffer. I’m not sure if that is because they went cheap there or if it is on purpose because they both sit very close to your thumb pad and could be unintentionally pressed if there was less resistance.
I should mention this, but since the mouse does cradle your palm, it is actually very tall. I can’t tell if it is because the MX keyboard sits so low due to its slim design or my muscle memory from using my old mouse, but when deep into my work and blindly reaching for the mouse, I am not clearing the top of it and wind up knocking it off the keyboard tray. Hopefully, I get used to it soon before I break it.

Almost all of the buttons on the mouse can be customized through the Logitech software. Some are already set to operate differently when using programs like MS Office. Even in its default setting, the mouse has the functions you need 75% of the time, like page forward/back, left click, right, show open windows, zoom in/out, pointer scroll, tactile/free scroll.
The mouse can be connected via dongle or Bluetooth directly to your computer. Some other reviewers have mentioned it, but the dongle they give you is USB-A. I am assuming the reason is that if you have USB-C, then you probably have built in Bluetooth and don’t need the dongle. I have mine hooked up directly to two of my computers and toggle between them. Yeah, I said two. The MX series allows you to connect to up to 3 computers and toggle between them. The keyboard has three button which make it easy to switch the keyboard between computers. ***My one and only complaint*** The mouse has the button to change between the computers on the bottom. Every time you want to change between computers, you have to pick up the mouse and push the button. How stupid is that! Okay, so you are able to customize the buttons so let’s just assign the function to one of them to, right? Nope, can’t do it. This definitely needs to be fixed – Logitech that’s just being a bonehead. In the 3 months using it, I have not had any problems with connectivity.

So far so good. Seems to be holding up well and haven’t had any problems with it considering the number of times I have knocked if of the keyboard tray and on the hardwood floor (no cushioning there).

Overall, this is mouse works as I’d like it too so can’t really complain other than the bad location of the computer switch. The MX as a whole, is on the expensive side, but the quality and feel of the products, including this mouse are all top notch. A definite keeper.
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