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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 27, 2022
Bought a pair of wireless earbuds for my wife last year. Something told me to buy the warranty as well. And I did. Good thing. They initially held a charge for 3-4 hours. Within 11 months that charge was down to just shy of an hour.
Contact with Asurion was quick & easy. They explained the process by email, sending a return label with it. It took me a couple weeks to mail it back, because I lost the email with the return label. Once that was found, though, it was easy peasy. I dropped my package at the local UPS Store, and within 48 hours I received word my refund was approved & would be sent ASAP. The very next day, PayPal advised me my refund had been issued.
I never gave these warranties much thought before. Due to unprecedented hassles dealing with such organizations in the past. This experience proved to me that Asurion is a viable, affordable, surefire way to protect yourself against items that don’t meet a manufacturer’s claims. I’ll be more apt to avail myself of their services in the future.
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