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Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2018
I received this 4K Stick on Nov. 26. After installing and start streaming noticed that picture is not really bright. Messing with TV settings would not do any significant changes. Went to stick settings and changed "Always HDR" to "Adaptive HDR", well, brightness improved, but picture became bad, like playing VCR tapes on UHD TV.
Anyway, called tech support and went through all motion and nothing helped. Ordered replacement, just to make sure its not isolated problem, but very skeptical it would help. Support emailed me that problem reported to Developers for investigation, but from what I know it usually comes back as "problem with customer's TV".
BTW, friend of my has the same and it works perfectly.
So here is my advise. If you have smart TV, no matter brand, you should have native apps, like Prime or Netflix. After installing this stick just run something on your native app and compare quality when running from stick same app, don't mess with any settings, stick comes with "Always HDR" preset. If you see no difference this stick is for you, good little powerful machine. If you see big difference don't waist your time on messing with settings or calling tech support, just return it. It would take some time and several firmware revisions before all bugs out.
One star for now. Will see what happened with replacement, will update later
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