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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 3, 2020
THESE HAVE GONE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS AND I LOVE THEM!!!! My husband has wireless headphones and always complains about them not working about 6 months into using them, so I was expecting a cheap pair that would last me a few months and I’d have to replace. NOPE. These headphones 1. Have great sound quality. 2. The battery life is excellent, I use them all the time and rarely run out of charge/do not charge them that often. 3. Are resilient! Let me tell you a story.......
I used these outside working in the yard and left them on my windshield to remind myself to bring them indoors... of course I forgot to bring them in. I also forgot I left them there, so the next morning leaving for work my windshield was frosted so I turned on the wipers and left for work. When I got to work I remembered I forgot them on my windshield. I searched my windshield to not find them anywhere. Devastated that I thought I might have lost them driving on the highway, I was about to order replacements. When I got home I thought, “well maybe the wipers threw them in the driveway.” SURE ENOUGH I found them in my driveway, they had been sitting in the rain for 4+ hours, AND I RAN THEM OVER. The darn things still work. The case is cracked but the earpieces themselves are perfect, and they still charge. BUY THESE WIRELESS HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!!
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