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Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2021
I specifically got this mouse with the MX Keys Wireless Keyboard to take advantage of the Flow feature to use them on my Macbook Pro (Left), Windows 10 (Middle), and Ubuntu Server (Right) boxes. In that activity, they are perfect. The mouse is comfortable to use and holds its charge for about a week under my daily work routine. Id recommend this mouse to anyone. So, why the 4 stars and not 5? 2 reasons: 1) the mouse button clicks waaaaaaay too loud. I would love for it to be adjustable. The scroll wheel is so why not the mouse button? 2) I'm absolutely not impressed with the thumb buttons' location. They are aligned such that every time I pick up the mouse I click the button. It is just in a bad place. I know you are thinking, "They are thumb buttons, they are near your thumb right?" Yes, technically they are where they need to be except I keep hitting them. Imagine entering your order in Amazon and accidently hitting the back button losing your information. Or you are in a FPS game and accidently throw a hand grenade when you are sneaking up behind someone. Situations I've found myself in too many times. I've had other thumb buttoned mice (plural) before and this one is just inconvenient. I still like it, thus the 4 stars.
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