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Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2022
I thought the subject matter would be put into a movie in a way to help those watching grow and want to understand more. It doesn’t deliver. It’s very important for more movies to tell the story but skipping the clichés. Just keep it real. The boy checking himself in to an adult ward and finding a young very attractive young girl in the same ward while having his teenage long time crush dating his friend show up to his room in the adult ward and start making out with him. Then he leaves a few days later with all the perspective, insight and normalcy more than an above avg teenager. like it’s a quick fix of mind over matter and everything is better. it trivializes it and plays to the majority who roll their eyes currently with family members, school mates or work mates. Watch it for the humor and love story instead of it being a movie to break down prejudices. I came in with high hopes and crashed when I realized it wasn’t going to deliver my personal admittedly high expectations.
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