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Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2021
I am happy that my three new Fire Sticks have revived my old TVs. It got too expensive to have cable devices on all TVs. Two of my main TVs are connected to Comcast.

Fire Stick works perfectly on an out of date Samsung smart TV.

With my really old, refuses to die Westinghouse TV, the Fire Stick plug has to be pulled and re-plugged for every use to be fully functional. My WiFi is weakest at at that location. A Roku device worked well there. This TV is important for weather information. It is in our basement where we go during tornado warnings

The Fire Stick cannot override the startup on my, why did I buy it, TCL Roku TV. The TCL remote quit working and is gone. My upgraded WiFi has a different password.
Instead of starting on the correct HDMI input, the Fire Stick opens on the TCL home screen. I have to manually click through input choices to the right one. So I have to start it manually every time. The Comcast device did go directly to the correct input.
I read many suggestions and workarounds to overcome this problem, it sounds too complicated to get into the TCL to connect it to WiFi to see if that helps...It is a bedroom TV and not important. Maybe I will try again sometime.
It would not be at all acceptable on an important TV, but then the remote wouldn't be gone.

My amateur impression is that Roku, because streaming devices is all they do, works better than Fire Stick for streaming only.
But I would NEVER use Roku:
Roku requires credit card information now.
Roku has no human support of any kind. A huge unpleasant tangle would occur if unintended "purchases" and other foreign charges were made to my credit card.

Purchases are always accounted for on my Amazon account.
There is always an experienced person to contact for help with Amazon devices, or purchases.

Fire Sticks don't seem to have been created to work well on all possible versions of all televisions.
Perhaps Fire Stick will evolve to broaden its reach.
Fire Stick has Alexa so is part of my sort of smart home system..
I feel better that, when I am in the basement working out or doing laundry that, using Alexa on Fire Stick, I can control my home security, talk to someone outside or on the second floor, or call for help. UPDATE
I just found out the Fire Stick paired with an Echo functions as an Echo Show. So Alexa can show my back yard from my Ring camera on the TV while I am in the basement.
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