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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2020
I have tried so many different diapers for my son and Pamper’s Pure is the only one that doesn’t cause a red rash by his legs. We are using a size 3 for my 19 Lb boy and sometime for nights I will use a size 4 to help prevent leaks. That brings me to the one negative I have about these diapers and that is the fact that we have leaks 8/10 times during the night. The absorbency is just not great for long periods of time and the diaper swells up so much that his pajamas end up damp. It is normally not a leak issue due to fit of diaper, but more so because it gets damp and then soaks through. This is to be expected since it’s not a nighttime diaper, however I do wish absorbency was a bit better (that also then may compromise the fact that these don’t have many chemicals in them compared to others on the market). I have tried Honest diapers and we don’t get rashes from them, however the fit of Honest is not nearly as good as pampers pure.

For the nighttime, to combat the leaks I normally double diaper which kind of sucks because these aren’t cheap. If you don’t have a sensitive skin baby, I’d use a cheaper diaper on top if you find you are running into a scenario where your baby is leaking through during nighttime.

Overall, while these diapers may be a bit on the pricy end, I think they are 100% worth it due to the lack of harsh chemicals compared to most others. We have been loyal to these for almost a year now.
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