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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 14, 2022
I thought low end TP-Link Model would do the job. I have 4 devices connected that are TV's and Echo Dots. The spec says up to 20 devices. I am using Cox Cable with 300 Mpbs speed. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Here's the review:

1. Signal Strength: When I am 20 feet away it is 1-2 bars. Really? When I am 50 feet away it is becomes iffy.
2. Bandwidth: Speed on Cox Panoramic 5G WiFi = 230 Mbps versus TP-Link = 70 Mbps. Really? This is what TP-Link tech support stated:

"WiFi extenders will always be slower than the actual router. This is because: The WiFi extender has to split its bandwidth between interacting with the router and interacting with the clients. This means you're starting with only 1/2 of the bandwidth."

I asked if higher end models would be faster and they did not give me a response and stated the following:

"I'm afraid the extender is working fine, as mentioned above extenders will always be slower than the actual router specially since its wireless there's a lot of interference that may block the connection and reduce the speed."

I am afraid that extender is 40 feet from the Router and is fighting through at least 2" of floorboard and carpet! I think I am going back to my high end WiFi router and moving away from the extender world for now.

Good Luck!
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