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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 30, 2022
I moved into an apartment without ethernet ports in every room and chose to try and switch over to usb based wifi-6 internet (my computer doesn't have the greatest wifi card). While it was better than the wifi card in my six year old laptop, it was nowhere near what I expected. The first day was great, but it was downhill from there. After about a week or so, I had high download/upload speeds, but also insanely high ping (especially the loaded ping), rendering most online games unplayable. Recently I bit the bullet and got a super long ethernet cord that I ran along the walls of my house. The ethernet cable is *worlds* better. Also, I got a new machine with an updated motherboard that is *worlds* better.

TLDR: Fine for standard use (not very heavy load), NOT for gaming.

Additive: To use the USB you need to install the companion software, thus preventing my partner from using it on their work laptop.
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