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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 28, 2019
LOVE these smart switches. Kasa app is super easy to use, these are super easy to install, easy to hook into Alexa app, and are beautiful looking switches at a very reasonable price compared to what else is on the market. I love that there is a very faint blue circle that glows when the light switch is off so you can find it in the dark (or know that it is off). When the switch is hooked up to wifi, you don't see the wifi signal at all, it's only when there is an issue with it or before you link to wifi.

Note that if you are going to change your wifi name or password, try and do it before you hook these up because you have to delete all of them in Kasa/Alexa and rehook them up. Had that problem.

We have 11 TP-Link smart switches throughout our home - dimmers, 3-way, and switches - and they all work great. We utilize the scheduled timer for the garage lights and front entry light to match up with sunrise/sunset. We also have a couple outside under our patio for backyard spotlights that don't have switches indoors so we can now turn them on/off with Alexa from indoors without running new lines inside to a switch. We did have an electrician hook these up because we were getting other work done, but they seem simple enough to do yourself.

Note that these are very snow white and our normal switches weren't quite as white, and we decided to buy switch covers that matched the majority of our switches (not quite as snow white). It still doesn't look bad and is close enough that no one probably notices except me. Lutron is the brand we have for everything else and it is close enough. We were replacing every switch and cover in the house anyway, so we got the ones that were close enough.
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