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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 2, 2022
So the mouse is great, when it works - and thats the issue. We all prefer to have products where support doesn't matter because it isn't needed but this is not such a product, and the product support is absolutely terrible. The mouse has scroll wheel issues (google it) that causes your screen to jump up and down as you scroll and it gets worse with time.

I've contacted support and they take forever to reply many days. I got the first reply in 3ish days which I replied to instantly (they asked for proof of purchase which they could have done initially when they ask for other information but I suspect this is a tactic to make you give up) - another week goes on without replies and I call the support. They say my proof of purchase is good, the case is good, and escalates to the warranty department. They email me back in about 24h to tell me that I sent the proof of purchase in the wrong file format and to please send the correct format. I do this and I call the support back which tells me theres nothing they can do because the warranty department won't talk on the phone.

I first started my support journey on Aug 22nd, and today is Sept 2nd and I've gotten absolutely nowhere - I don't know what will happen but I'll update to let y'all know if you at least get help if you can be bothered to be persistent. I've had another razer product in the past that also broke down but I bought it used to so no recourse - this doesn't happen to Logitech and Microsoft mice (well, I'm sure it does but so far I've never had a mouse die except the only two razer mice I've ever owned) so I don't know whats up with the quality and when it isn't backed up by good support it's very hard to recommend their products even if they do indeed perform well while they work!
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