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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2020
this is a nice outlet at a solid price. I had an existing GFCI outlet that would no longer reset, so I swapped it out for this one. Now, this was a primary circuit outlet nicely wired in by the builder of the house, so it has 7 solid copper wires going to it (3 hot, 3 neutral, 1 ground) all nicely wired in and bend and packed into the outlet box. Replacing this outlet should have been a simple "pull the receptacle out of the box, disconnect the wires, reconnect the wires to the new receptacle, and nestle it back into the outlet box". Instead, because Leviton decided to swap around the line and load locations, I had to unpack a nest of wires, wrestle them all around to fit the new locations, and then re-nest the bundle of seven wires back into the outlet box... and that was WAY more work than it should have been just to replace a receptacle. Seriously, Leviton, your hot and neutral are in the normal locations, your ground is in the normal location, but you had to switch around the line and load locations? If I have another GFCI go out, I'll probably pay a little more and get a receptacle that is laid out the same to make replacement easier/quicker... a few extra $$ is worth it to me for a quick and easy replacement.
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