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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2019
I wonder sometimes about the process a company uses when creating a new design because this one misses the mark badly. I've been using the old version (MX Wireless Mouse) for many years. It was starting to show some wear from use, so I decided to upgrade to this newer model. They really messed this mouse up with the new design!

The biggest issue I have is with the forward/backward buttons on the left side of the mouse, something I use extensively on my previous MX Mouse. I take a lot of photos so I use those buttons to move through the photos in order to edit them.

On this new design, the buttons have been moved much further back and tucked way up underneath a cliff/protruding edge on the mouse so they are almost impossible to reach. When attempting to use them, you have to literally move your entire hand backward to reach them, meaning you can no longer access the left/right click buttons.

Even after moving my hand backward off the click buttons, they are still almost impossible to use because of many more issues:
1. They are tucked way back up under the cliff/edge that sticks on the mouse.
2. They are literally jammed up again the side scroll wheel so impossible to find.
3. They are super tiny and designed in a strange triangular, pointed shape, not like a button for pressing at all!
4. Your thumb ends up in an awkward, contorted bend when trying to access the tiny triangular "buttons". No doubt this would lead to some serious pain/issues with my thumb in the future if I kept this mouse, which I'm not!
I wish I could rate it ZERO stars!

This is truly the worse design I've ever seen in my life. Why do companies take a great design and ruin it?!
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