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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 25, 2020
I rarely write reviews on Amazon although I really appreciate other customers’ reviews and always take them into consideration when I purchase a product. With that in mind, I am going to review BRAMI’s Lupini Bean Hummus.

First, a bit of background. I really love hummus but am allergic to products derived from sesame seeds. That includes sesame oil (Chinese food) as well as tahini (traditional hummus)! What a bummer! For quite a while, I have been trying to find hummus that does not include tahini. I have found only one product, which is made by Majestic. However, it is rarely available online and very difficult to find even local stores. In a recent Google search for “no tahini hummus,” I came upon BRAMI’s Lupini Bean Hummus, which is a product of Italy.

I had never heard of Lupini beans and did a bit of research. They are similar to fava beans in size and shape, but more closely resemble soy beans in taste and texture. Yet they are almost void of any starch and low in carbohydrates. They are highly nutritious and incredibly high in protein, second only to the soybean. In fact, they have the full range of essential amino acids. They also offer a generous amount of fiber and vitamins. Lupini beans can be extremely bitter and very toxic if not prepared properly. However, they can be quite tasty after a lengthy soaking period. And, that certainly is the case with BRAMI hummus.

BRAMI hummus is absolutely delicious!! But it has a unique flavor with no resemblance to traditional hummus. There are several flavors. My preference is the original flavor, which is less spicy than some of the others although all of them are quite tasty. Individuals who are particularly health conscious should be aware that BRAMI hummus is not USDA Organic although it is Non-GMO Verified, which is a good thing. Also, the triangle on the bottom of the plastic container does not have a number. However, I contacted BRAMI and was informed the containers and lids are made of plastic (#1, #5) that are BPA-free. You are in for a real treat. It will difficult not to eat an entire container in one sitting!
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